One thing you really admire about your spouse


It can be anything big or small. I’m sure you all have a long list but just one per post please!

I really admire my husband’s work ethic. When he wakes up in the morning he (almost always) jumps straight out of bed. No matter how early his schedule he always gets up at any time with virtually no complaint. I am slow to wake up in the mornings and for this reason I get up ay 6am an hour before I need to wake the children so I can pray/read/think and nurse a cup of tea for a loooong time! My husbands energy level amazes me. He has at times been a workaholic but he now has his hours in balance. He is just a very hardworking and reliable person.

Love you sweetie :love:


I have a tendency to be like your husband and I have a very stress filled job. I am a bit of an introvert so when I come home I often don’t like to talk about work but it does weigh on me and I usually have to give myself about an hour to distance myself from it.

My wife who really gets disappointed when I don’t want to talk about work issues. I have come to understand that she really wants to help carry my crosses with me. What a wonderful way to show your love!

Thanks Sweetie!


I’ve found a gem with my husband. He likes to cuddle! :smiley: One of our favourite things to do together is curl up on the couch and watch a movie. He’s always giving away free hugs to me and the kids. It’s something small, but they mean a lot. :love:


Wow, it’s hard to narrow it down to one! But, I will stick to the OP’s rule of only one thing! I would have to say my favorite thing about my hubby is that he can make me laugh harder than anyone else… and he can make me laugh when I am really not in the mood to be laughing! Sometimes I think our ability to crack each other up is our “glue”.:smiley:


His confidence & way with people. People love him! Sorry, that’s 2, but they are kind of combined in him in an awesome way!


AWWW! Those are some great things about your spouses! :smiley: I don’t have a hubby yet but I do have a fiance, and I love him very much, I also love the fact that he makes me laugh a lot! He’s such a goof! Even when I am upset or sad or just not wanting to deal with the world he will say something hilarious or do something that you would not think was planned out and he cracks me up! I hope he continues to doing so for the rest of our lives! :slight_smile: I love him for how great he is at always trying to make me smile! He says he couldn’t live without it and always wants to see me smile! :smiley:


He’s a very hard worker and has a great sense of humor. Sorry, that’s two. :smiley:


I love the way my husband is able to relate to just about anyone and carry on a conversation with them that makes them feel respected and valued for who they are, regardless of their age or background.


I admire almost everything about my spouse. Honestly - what a wonderful, kind and caring person.


I like my wife’s honesty.

A while back we were out with some teacher friends of hers and it turned out one of them knew my brother in law - who is also a teacher. My wife commented that my BIL was one of the most genuine nice people you would ever meet. One of her friend asked “So you think he’s nicer than your husband?”

Without thinking (I was sitting right there) she fired back “My husband isn’t nice at all, and that’s one of his good qualities”.


this is a wonderful thread!
My husband is a wonderful role model for our teenage boys; homework help, guidance, and wow, a seventeen and fourteen year old who willingly go to Mass, do volunteer work, and support each other. Can’t ask for a better man. Oh yes, 22 years married says the rest.


I admire my husbands intelligence. Sometimes when I see him at work, I am amazed at all the stuff he knows and can put into practice. It is beyond my comprehension how he knows what he does, so that sometimes, I wonder how he ever ended up with me! :eek: But every once in a while he does something dumb and he becomes more my equal… :smiley:


*His patience and logic. And his love for the kids and me. *


C’mon now, he’s exceptionally smart- That’s WHY he chose you!:thumbsup:


His kindness/desire to help people. He will pull over on the side of the road to change tires, dig people out of the snow, pick people up from/for work, fix their computers/TVs/game consoles/anything electric, loan money if possible. He hates to see people in pain. He’s pretty much amazing! :smiley:


Well, I actually was going to make a joke in my first reply and say I admire his taste in choosing a wife, but I thought that maybe the OP really wanted a serious answer… :wink:


I’m not married yet either, my fiance and I will be married next year, but I thought that I could chime in anyways…

I love his commitment. Both his commitment to the Faith and to me (I think that still counts as 1 right? :slight_smile: ) He takes it so seriously that I know I’ll never have to worry about him leaving me or cheating on me. Honestly. We’ve been dating for 5 years and he took his time discerning that we were meant to be together for life. Which is more thought than many guys our age (23 and 24) put into marriage.


Just one? :frowning: No way! I couldn’t pick!

He is truly a man of good character. He is kind, gentle, humble, loyal to his family, and willing to serve. I think it’s often difficult for him to be these things instead of aggressive, ambitious, powerful, or in control the way “real men” are (according to secular society, that is), but it’s such a blessing to his children and wife to have his strong, unrelenting compassion in our home. I am very glad he stays true to himself instead of chasing after some stereotype of what he ought to be like.

(and because I can’t pick just one, he’s also strong, he cooks and does dishes, and he lets our daughters climb all over him like he’s a jungle gym for about 15 minutes as part of the bedtime routine!)


*I also admire that my husband goes with the flow, and he is willing to move back to Pittsburgh for me, knowing I’m not happy in Florida, anymore. :frowning: He said…wherever you and the kids are, that’s home for me. :love:

He is also a great cook…like chef like. :yup:*


Just wanted to say a quick thank you to the OP, Kindness! The hubs and I didn’t exactly start our day on the right foot. Let’s just say we both got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning (and joined by a 5 year old who decided to have croup at 5AM). DH left for work and I sat down with a big cup of joe to read my CAF and came upon this thread. I literally had trouble nailing down the ONE thing I admire about him most. I love everything about him! I had to send him an e-mail immediately to tell him I was sorry we got off on the wrong foot and how much I love him, and we both had a better day because your thread reminded me how lucky I am! I love these positive threads! :thumbsup:

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