One-third of Americans reject evolution, poll shows

NEW YORK (Reuters) - One-third of Americans reject the idea of evolution and Republicans have grown more skeptical about it, according to a poll released on Monday.

Sixty percent of Americans say that “humans and other living things have evolved over time,” the telephone survey by the Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life Project showed (Click for the full survey).

But 33 percent reject the idea of evolution, saying that “humans and other living things have existed in their present form since the beginning of time,” Pew said in a statement.

just a few years ago, it was half, so this is good. Even though the article tries to make it seem like there are more and more of them, there are actually less and less. One third is still too high, of course, (for the most part) but I’ll take the improvement.

Improvement? Why do we have to believe that humans “evolved over time?” Why can’t we simply believe that we share a common ancestor with certain species and leave the when and the how to further investigation? The question is just too limited and limiting to be useful, IMHO.

I can’t really agree that the question is too limited. leave the how and when to further investigation? That’s what scientists are doing right now - further investigation. Why is that a problem?

And notice that the poll didn’t even say “share a common ancestor”. it said that 1/3rd of America rejects evolution ENTIRELY. That means no common ancestors, and no evolution of other animals or anything like that. The way its worded, it even means no basic adaptations, but to be honest, I don’t think a lot of the people who answered the poll would have noticed that distinction.

Huzzah! The American
Education System still
works! :clapping::extrahappy::clapping:

God created Humans from nothing (so he could infuse a soul in each one of us). None of my ancestors were related grunting apes that look like Homer Simpson. :rolleyes:

I reject Evolution and I am proud! If it leaves GOD completely out of the picture it is false!

Like most educated people I believe in micro evolution, that is, species change over time to adapt to their environment. However, I do not believe in macro evolution, that is, species change into other species. If you really looked into the evidence, you would see there is no evidence that supports species completely change into other species. There are too many gaps in the fossil record.

I believe evolution is silly.

The Pew Forum poll indicates that there hasn’t been any change in overall percentages during the past four years. The only significant change is in the growing political divide.

A Gallup poll released last year indicated that 46% of Americans rejected evolution.

The two polls asked somewhat different questions, so maybe that accounts for the discrepancy?

NONE of your ancestors were related grunting ape? HUMANS
are related grunting ape, chimpanzees sharing 98.8% genetic
commonalities. What are you then? :confused:

And Evolution doesn’t leave God out at all, it just say “GOD”!
Isn’t it like Creationists to put words in Science’s mouth?

If, by evolution, they mean differentiation of species, that species develop and pass on traits, then I would agree that would be wrong. One look at a dachshund would tell anyone that differentiation of species is true.

If, by evolution they mean that life on Earth came about and developed into human absent the hand of a Creator, they I too would disagree with ‘evolution’

Not commenting on God is not the same thing as rejecting God. Mathematics doesn’t comment on God. Is it false too?

Also, you ARE an ape right now. as am I, as is every human being.

Frankly, most educated people know that micro and macro are imaginary constructs. You think there is no evidence of species changing into other species? Sure there is. Some museums have buckets of proof in their gift shops that they give away for free, that’s how common it is. And lets not forget the famous nylon-eating bacteria experiment that gave proof years ago and is continuing to give more and more.

“Too many gaps in the fossil record,” too many for Creationists. :rolleyes:
There is enough sufficient evidence. The only reason you’re accept-
ing micro–evolution is because micro–organisms evolve so quickly,
their evolution cannot be denied, though Creationists would like to,
and I think that there are some that actually do.

And so what?


Sorry, “few” was probably misleading. I always forget how long ago 2000 was. I mean more like 10-15 years ago.

And yes, the polls did all ask noticeably different questions. If you look in the gallup poll data, the number of people who actually accept evolution are more like 82% - some claiming God guided it, others claiming he didn’t. But without any elaboration as to HOW God guided evolution, this is a very difficult distinction to nail down.

What difference does it make what any of us believe about evolution? Like approved apparitions, the Church does not claim we must believe in (or be opposed to) evolution.

Our feeling on the topic does not jeopardize or enhance our likelihood of salvation.

So why do we argue over it? Because we lack humility, and have the unhealthy (and unholy) need to have everyone agree with us!

We’ll, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (or not)!:smiley:

That is inaccurate. There is no scientific evidence that we are, right now, apes.


Can you elaborate?

I honestly don’t care about the evolution hypothesis. Could be true, presuming it is understood in a way that does not obstruct God from the picture, but it also could be quite false. And, seeing as there is little or no physical, substantial, *empirical *evidence for it, I’d wager the probability is more on the side of false.

I don’t “reject” it, however. I just don’t think it is worth my time since it is utterly without merit.

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