One Word Could Destroy Catholic Education

In its new term, the Supreme Court will take up three cases considering whether Title VII, the federal law prohibiting employment discrimination, covers “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” within the protected category of “sex.”

Congress has repeatedly voted to reject such an expansion of Title VII’s scope, but circuit courts have legislated from the bench and added the new categories in two rulings: Altitude Express Inc. v. Zarda and R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, the 11th Circuit upheld the longstanding meaning of “sex discrimination” as ensuring fairness between men and women.

It’s one little word. But if the Court gets it wrong, our religious freedom could be quickly eroded.


There are so many battles against freedom of religion and private education it is mind boggling. Thank you for this info and link.

This is t he Great Persecution again. Diocletian ordered that all Christians perform pagan sacrifices and get a certificate saying they had done so. By forcing Christians to violate Christian morality, he hoped to destroy us.


That’s not even close to what this is.
This is broadening the scope to ensure people don’t fall between the cracks of law.

You can still claim to be Gay is immoral you just can’t run around and shout that at people.

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Religious freedom is a term I dislike.
In this country, we have religious freedom. The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom to practice religion or freedom not to practice religion.
As a Catholic, I have my own beliefs about life. But I do not think I have the right to impose my will on others.

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Really? Forcing Catholics to violate Catholic morality isn’t the same as forcing Catholics to violate Catholic morality?

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The church doesn’t require you to belittle homosexuals, Bisexuals, Transsexuals or whatever else.
Therefore you aren’t violating any tenet.

Who said “belittle?”

Homosexuals cannot be accepted into seminaries – is the law going to change that? The Church will not marry homosexuals – is the law going to change that?

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Wow, hyperbole much?

Or refuse to hire a gay man --or a gay right advocate–as a religious education teacher for your Catholic school. Not even if he insists on teaching the children that gay sex is right and good.

Or refuse to hire a militant atheist to teach religious education.

The wrong ruling could indeed destroy Catholic schools.

Hyperbole not. Have we not already had cases of gay rights activists trying to force people to advocate homosexual practice?
Trying to force churches to perform gay marriages in violation of their own beliefs?
Demanding that specifically Catholic or at least Christian adoption agencies place the children of Christian parents with gay couples who would raise them to believe things forbidden by Christian teachings?

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The Diocletian persecutions weren’t merely some angry Pagan Romans taking Christians to court. So yes, very much hyperbole.

I didn’t and don’t claim this is equal to the Diocletian persecutions. But if it goes through it will be used as a weapon against Catholic education.


The aim was for force Christians to violate Christian morality – same thing.

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No I don’t think a law will.

We’ll see, won’t we?

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