One world religion?

How do people get from the bible that there is going to be a one world religion?

I did a bible search for “one world religion” it came up with nothing…

I want to find out how they came up with this idea so I can refute them.

Possibly in Revelation when warning against the anti-Christ?:shrug:

Who do you mean by “they”?

This topic reminds me of the Georgia Guild Stones or Georgia’s Stone Hedge, it says some eerie stuff.

By they I mean, anti-catholics…

the word antichrist never appears in Revelation either :slight_smile:

it seems to only appear in 1st and 2nd John…

1 John 2:22
"Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.

Anti-Catholics is pretty broad, there are a lot of them. I would think protestants, at least some, would be against a one world religion because of its Universality.

And yes you are right, I’m getting my Johannine Literature confused.

Christ died for all mankind and is the redeemer of everyone. Just as Adam sinned for all mankind and lost the favor of God for everyone.

So if we understand this properly, there is no one else but Christ who can save us all since he is the son of God and therefore there is only one correct world religion for all based on Christ. “Go teach all nations…”

The same place where they get the tradition of sola scriptura…

Well… there is supposed to be one world religion… the Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church. :slight_smile:

Do you believe in a “New World Order”?

You won’t find the word Bible in the Bible. You won’t find rapture in there either. :wink:

I asked before, so i will ask here again (and maybe again). If you could only have one book for your faith, what would it be?

How bout your only book at all? Would that book be key to salvation?

Why is the Bible best seller of all time? Because it is the Truth!

Why is it being removed from hotel chains? Why is our gov’t. militarily burning it and making people remove it from desk tops? Why is it being watered down so it doesn’t offend anyone?

Does it offend you that Bible persecution is happening? A question like yours tells me no.

Because the world still wants a religion that will make them feel good, but one that won’t offend their worldly lifestyle! There has to be that for world peace. Has to be. That means we will prolly have to merge :(.

B asic
I nstruction
B efore
L eaving
E arth

That’s your tradition to call it that. We don’t. We do believe all you need is there, and that doesn’t mean i don’t have other supplemental books, not unlike you.

There is a definite disdain between us, so that has to be rectified too. It won’t be right til JESUS returns. Even so, come LORD JESUS!

If the Catholic Church is the only way, would that make me an antichrist?

One God, One Blessed Virgin, One Son, One Church.

I think it is possible for you to be saved, and so does the Catholic church.

There will never be a “one world religion.” Some yoyos will come along sometime, somewhere, and create a new “religions.” Stick with what you have, which is Catholicism, meaning universal, but still not a one world religion.

I read the bible often, and I have many different translations. I actually used to be a protestant so I still use my NIV study bible to highlight things in.

so yes if I only had one book for my faith it would be the bible.
with a good commentary for my second.

But I think that there is more than the Christian faith than just the bible.

I think when people try to interpret scripture for themselves it causes church schisms. and it appears that many Churches come up with different contradictory doctrines.

I’m not sure if I believe in a new world order or not… I think that what is more important than eschatology is to have faith in Christ and in his saving power.

Yep. One of the Devil’s better tricks, getting people to think that “anyone can read and understand the Holy Bible.” Massaging their pride in their native intelligence. Certainly worked on me for the first half of my life.

But it’s not just schisms, atheists fall for this trick every time, they’ll read something in Scripture, think it shows some contradiction or other and try t use their interpretation to argue their atheist belief system.

What they don’t get, and I didn’t get until relatively recently is that the Church Fathers and Doctors were the Rocket Scientists of their day.

John 10:16 “I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. These also I must lead, and they will hear my voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd.”

Christ is talking about the entire world not just the Gentiles that existed during His time. Christ Himself prophesizes (my apology if that’s not the right term) that all the world will come to Him and there will be only “one flock.” :thumbsup:

Only the Lord can judge our hearts.

Thank you for your input, but I would like to make you aware of what Catholics believe:

The Catholic faith is like a three-legged stool…(a favorite image) :

  1. Sacred Scripture

  2. The divinely appointed authority of the Church on faith and morals: (Magisterium)

  3. Tradition with a capital “T”. (not small “t” traditions of disciplines that can be changed.)

Does one leg of the stool hold up? We need all three.

Peace and blessings to you,


This is EXACTLY why so many want a one world religion, I believe this will happen in our lifetimes too, too many key figures have made reference to it and a ‘new world order’.

In their opinion, religion is taking control away from them, they dont like that, they know it can be dangerous and lead to terrible things for them.Thats why the current agenda is being pushed so hard, its OK to be religious, but only up to a certain point, secular life and mans law is more important, that must be the first priority.

This is actually what I think is one of the grave misconceptions the rise of Protestantism caused: the idea that being able to read the Bible is automatically equivalent to being able to understand it. And you gotta give credit to the early Christians and the historical Churches: they recognized the Bible isn’t the easy-to-understand, self interpreting ‘book of answers’ that will magically solve every problem it is made out to be in popular culture and in certain sectors of Protestantism.

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