One year after opening, South Wind clinic reports providing 1,200 abortions


Quite a few ignorant people on the comments on this article. I tried to reason with one, but she seems to be confused. She indirectly called me and other pro-lifers stupid without using the word stupid.


Abortion is the greatest injustice and shame of America. Bar none. You can’t murder 50 million innocent people in 40 years with full blessing of the government and call yourself a moral nation. These are people who did nothing to warrant their death except to exist.


What a disgusting article.That George Tiller lives on through all the innocent babies killed through abortion,according to this former employee,and now money grubbing owner of this death mill:(


This is true and I wish America was an isolated case but it seems to be the norm in the world.

Chile being the beacon of light it seems.


As someone who grew up in kansas not far from wichita in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, I remember how lucky I felt to grow up there with solid midwestern values. It saddens and sickens me that kansas is home to clinics such as this one.
How could snyone be proud to work in a place like that?


Working in Tiller’s former clinic seems fitting, said Burkhart, who worked for Tiller. But it has also been emotional.

“I have these moments walking through the clinic and feel this great sense of loss and I wish he could be here,” she said. “I miss him every day. He lives on through our work here. … We’re very grateful to be here, and we’re grateful to be open.”

Perhaps she should think of his death as just an extremely late term post-birth abortion, because it’s OK then in her mind?


I also lived right outside of Wichita,Derby to be exact,from the mid sixties until early seventies.I couldn’t agree more.The Midwest values,the easy pace and just overall quality of living there has been replaced by this evil:-(


:frowning: very sad.



I really sometimes feel like this is a lost cause. Not just in reading the comments of the abortionists themselves, but in reading some of the reader comments attached to articles like this. So many people really have convinced themselves that abortion is a “healthcare” or “reproductive right” issue. Euphemisms are great, aren’t they? It seems hopeless.


So sad. So many future lives gone. Maybe one of them could have found a cure for cancer, or accomplished any number of wonderful things. Now lost to us.


Unfortunately, Chile won’t last long. The elected president is a fierce prochoicer and a radical feminist. Their days as light are counted.


Instead of calling that place South Wind, they should call it Shinokaze. “Death Wind”:mad:


Apparently there are no local doctors who perform abortions. The article says that they are flying in doctors.

I understand that there have been proposals in some places to allow non-doctors to perform abortions.

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