One year only of posts?


Being able to search through only one year of forum posts is not helpful when it comes to topics which may have been started more than a year ago but which threads contain very useful information. CAF should have warned its user base that no longer can one search beyond the last 12 months. Some users would have actually saved those threads because helpful sources and resrouces were there.


I’ve searched for various keywords and seen threads back to 2004.


Use Google as a search engine with “CAF” included in the search. I’ve found it far more efficient than the search on CAF itself.


Thank you. However, I think the ultimate efficiency would be for CAF itself to use the same kinds of search tools that existed on the previous CAF site: search by user, search by key words, search by thread titles, search within year, etc. No?


Give them time. The old forum was not sustainable and was literally bleeding them dry. They’ve moved to a new system in order to keep the lights on, and from my understanding are still struggling in that department trying to keep pace with the bugs in the system.

Search tools that are robust are tools that are for sale. The old forum had nice tools because CAF paid to access the script written by talented web developers who offered this kind of search. Right now, CAF has gone to a different, less costly board in hopes of keeping things together, period.

I imagine if they are able to keep up with donors and get good money they will put that money back into such features.


This is a really helpful explanation. Thank you so much. It did look to me like a shoestring budget re-formatting, and my hunch has been confirmed.


@Merciful are you not able to access the advanced search options?



There was a popup on the old forums for several weeks warning users to backup any information they felt was indispensable. However, almost all of the public content migrated over just fine. Could you please describe the content you are searching for? Perhaps I can help.


That dosn’t work nearly as well as the “old” search. For instance, I’ve specifically searched for a poster (darklight) because she refered to something she said just the day before in another thread and it kept returning that the user was not found.


@Xanthippe_Voorhees are you not able to reproduce the following search?


Not at all.

Mac OS (updated fully) and Chrome.

I either get nothing or it does nothing.


Thank you. Are you running any ad-blockers or other third-party plugins?


I have Grammarly running and I paused adblock when trying to search.


LIkewise, I can only PM a user by clicking on a post of theirs.
If I simply use the Message button on my profile, ever single user comes back as “please enter a valid username”.
Click on the avatar? Sure. Type their name in? No go.


I suspect Grammarly is the culprit. I know @pianistclare had asked me about troubles with Grammarly and I had pointed her to a know issue reported on the main software site.

The reason I suspect it is Grammarly is that I have no issue reproducing @cawebmaster’s above search. Grammarly actually messes around with the virtual document structure (known as the DOM) in a way that is incompatible with some of the libraries that Discourse uses and it might be causing this problem also.

When either of you type in @ in the editor, does it give you a pop-up of user names that change as you type?


I have no problem with messaging…that’s clare. I can create a message perfectly fine.

According to Grammarly, they support discourse, so I don’t think that’s an issue.


Yeah, I wrote to discourse and they said it should work here (Grammarly), and then, suddenly, it did.
But I still can’t do all the things I’ve said I can’t.

Not sure how Grammarly would edit my settings. Their redline doesn’t even show up there. You just use a drop down and hit save. Nothing ever saves.

It’s really a bother.

Of course, people are flagging away!!! No problems with that. :roll_eyes:


@Xanthippe_Voorhees are you still having this problem with advanced search? I’ve not been able to reproduce the problem.


I do as well. Try putting in the word “cat” and see what you get. :smiley:

It’s ok, I just look for a poster I want to read on my notifications (YAY thank you for those!!!) and then go their activity


Yes and no.

If I use the quick search it now works, but the full search does not.

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