One year since Vittorio Arrigoni death . . .

The world moves on as it always does, last weeks news is flushed away by the ever increasing chaotic world we live in.

A little over a year ago a man named Arrigoni was murdered, the story was carried by every major international new source, including the BBC, CCN, FOX and the AP. Many articles appeared in newspapers from the Times to the Post.

I mention him for two reasons; first, he reminded me of Jesus, helping the weak and the lesser of us all (and ultimately persecuted by those who feared him), the second, I read his book shortly after his death. It’s called Gaza: Stay Human.

As for his book, be warned, before you open the first page, let me say this . . . it is the most graphically riveting, gut wrenching, hardcore book you will ever read. I literally had to put it down three times
Its very dark, but it shows a side of the Middle East conflict few of us have ever dreamed possible. He was an Italian Newspaper Journalist and Peace Activist, subsequently, the book was extremely well written - so well, it has has seared a permanent scar in my thinking about the M.E. conflict. The part I found fascinating was he (Arrigoni) came from a wealthy Italian family, but turned his back from a life of luxury and privilege to protect those who had absolutely nothing. He even gave his life for them in the end.

Deep inside, I know I could never do what he did. Not even close. He should be the benchmark/standard for how we treat others, period.

I’m definitely not a pitchman trying to sell his book, but after reading his book, I can assure you that the M.E. conflict will never be the same in your mind. That is, unless you are NOT human. Again, you’ve been warned. So read it with caution, but read it if you can.

Here is to you Vittorio Arrigoni, and the devastatingly dark book that’s filled with hope that you left for the world to read. If only we could care for the lesser as he did, it would definitely be a far-far better world. RIP Mr. Arrigoni.

Gaza: Stay Human - amen.

ps- if by chance anyone is brave enough to read this book, please come back here and let me know what you think. Let me know how deeply it seared you too. I bought my copy on-line for around nine dollars only because it wasn’t in any book stores. Google it.

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