OneNation Candidate Suggests Treatment for Homosexuality


Confused for a start that a lady of Asian descent is even standing for a party that would surely oppose her being in Australia for a start (well, 20 years ago it would’ve)… Then there are her comments.

Its disappointing people like this get the airtime. These types are what many left-wingers seem to see Christians as (while conveniently overlooking harsher outlooks from other religions).


Not that long ago, her opinion was the consensus of the mental health establishment.


The only reason that changed was due to popular public opinion on the topic though, in reality, its still a mental disorder, but people today do not like to call it that.


I’ve certainly heard that story, it certainly doesn’t offend or hurt me.

However, in today’s climate, learning what to say (and what not to say) can go a long way to winning hearts for our Lord. The problem, many people perceive Christians (and Catholics) as “obsessed about what people are doing privately in their bedrooms.” Additionally, they perceive us to only focus on these issues, thanks in part to the meeja.

I think most Christians would simply state they do not support ‘modern developments’ in sex & gender as it goes against God’s plan, and leave it there. The types we see in the news that go on and on about it are outside the norm, but portrayed as being the norm, unfortunately. Much like Christians are always poised as being “against science” and placed with staunch atheists to defend largely irrelevant topics like evolution, The Big Bang etc.


Homosexuality, IMO, is merely the result
of the acceptance of “the Culture of death”,
along w/ contraception, abortion and steril-
ization, and NOT a disease but a world


Homosexuality is just a part of the
“Culture of death” world-view along
w/ contraception, abortion and euthan-
asia and is NOT a disease to be treated.


True. At least Ju Lin didn’t call for bringing back lobotomies, which some homosexuals were subjected to in the mid-20th century.


The candidate has been dumped by her party…


I don’t know much about the party, and don’t think I care too much about them. To be honest, I would be more interested to hear what leaders of the ex-gay movement think about the “Gays should be treated as patients, they need to receive treatments” comment.

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