Oneness Pentecostals ??

My friend left the catholic church to join a oneness pentecostal church
After I showed him many passages in the bible he is getting close to coming home to the catholic church

I would like to help him but he only can read and write spainish. I know there are lot of information on catholic answers web site were can I get a copy in spanish?

He would like to read early church fathers

I wish I could find jimmy akin early church fathers in spanish

call them to see if there is a copy of Jimmy Atkins book “Fathers Know Best” in Spanish.
It is such a good book and I think they would have it in Spanish. Sound like you are doing a great job in bringing him back.

They don’t make that book in Spanish ;-(

Here is a cite if I do it correctly. but also I would check with your diocese as the faith formation office may have some book in spanish that your parish doesnot have.

Check with light house catholic media. hope that helps

I found a spainish apologetics line

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