Ongoing Revelation--interesting question heard on CAL last night

I was on my way home from work at 3.30am (love that time of morning…bleh) and happened to tune into CAL. A member of LDS asked about Papal Infallibility, and his question struck me as quite prescient to the manner in which Mormons and Catholics understand each other.

The question (I shan’t be repeating it as I don’t remember it correctly to properly quote it) basically was linking the doctrine of Papal Infallibility to the Mormon belief in ongoing revelation. The apologist (forgive me, I forget his name) very politely explained the difference between public revelation and private revelation, and explained that Mormons believe in public revelation as ongoing, whilst the Catholic Church teaches that public revelation has been fixed and there won’t be any more until the return of Christ.

I am curious, though, to see if there are any other non-Catholics (be they Mormon or otherwise) that believe in ongoing revelation, and if so, to please just provide a brief explanation why. I researched the Mormon position, but I wanted a more personal reasoning than the very formal one I read this morning. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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