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OK it seems I might have mentioned this before, but its been so long. I was hoping for a clergy response here but any one’s comments are appreciated. If nothing else I can talk to my pastor. At this website,

Many times there’s an online image of the host. Does it qualify towards a indulgence to spend 30 minutes at least in adoration? Or do you have to do that live ? At the parish?

You can read the bible for 30 minutes at home.

Random thoughts from a random person on the internet:

If one is Adoring as part of a requirement for some sort of indulgence or membership in a religious society or devotion, I would say Adoring in person is what they are seeking for their people to do.

Now this part is just my personal musings and opinion, and I’m sure others may feel differently:

*I find the idea of placing a live stream of the Blessed Sacrament online, on the internet, where we know there is many who do not have the purest intentions, to be a bit problematic and more than just a bit disrespectful, I’m sure the group that does this believes they are making this devotion available to shut ins and others who otherwise would have no opportunity. Or those who simply want to pray at their desk during the day. I suppose that is a worthy endeavor. But it’s not for me.

I strongly feel that Jesus would be happy if I got myself up out of my own lazy life and went down there to be physically with Him in silence with little or no distraction for a personal visit. That’s just me. This is the REAL PRESENCE we’re talking about. And no, I don’t think Jesus is limited by the internet…but honestly, I find it odd. Not for me. Sometimes the easy way is not always the most effective. People with no transportation and disability of pain, illness, or similar impediments probably do find it to be a blessing in their lives. *


Why is this not your preferred option instead of your last resort? :confused:

I agree, and I would also add in support of that point, that a telephone confession is invalid. You have to be in person. I know the two are not quite the same, but in both cases, we are talking about interaction and meeting our Lord face to face in one scenario, and through a Priest in another.

A computer, a thing made of glass, plastic, silicon, and pieces of metal, even when “live streaming” is essentially sending bits of information through other computers to you.

It is quite possible, that you might be receiving small graces by doing this, just as one might when looking at a picture or icon of our Lord. In the end, we can only speculate.

Good point. There are many ways of gaining indulgences. Hmmm. I might start another thread about that.


I ask myself this question about many, many, many posts on this site.

I wondered once about a marriage question. So I emailed the Judicial vicar of the diocese and he wanted me to call him. I got to thinking about that. I wrote him back and said it was a rhetorical question. Not a situation in my life and I didn’t want to take up his time.

That's not quite the same thing here. Would my Pastor know the answer? Would he know what site I was talking about? Would he understand the concept I was asking and exactly how limited is his time. These things are part of why I thought I would say something here first. My transportation is somewhat limited but I can get to Mass 1 a week or 2 weeks.

it does not matter if he is familiar with the site.
Why do you think he could not advise you? :confused:
Of course he could.

I sometimes put the adoration chapel live stream on my tv while praying my rosary. (I watch it on my tv using my roku. I watch it on the youtube channel. Search “Catholify - Adorecast” if anyone is interested.)

Personally, I find it edifying and am grateful for its existence. If I just read the news or I am having a particularly bad moment or day I can turn it on and see with my eyes that Jesus is still physically on the earth, and it makes me feel like maybe just maybe humanity will be okay. I look at it like skype or facetime with Jesus but I don’t think it counts towards a plenary indulgence.

OK, I just pulled out my book Manual of Indulgences. On page 48 it says “A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who visit the Blessed Sacrament for adoration lasting at least a half hour”. I would think “visit” means in person. When I google “define visit” it says “go to see and spend time with (someone) socially.”

If you need a plenary indulgence for yourself or someone else and can’t leave home, you could always read your Bible for 30 minutes as someone upthread suggested. On page 100 it says “A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who read the Sacred Scriptures as spiritual reading, from a text approved by competent authority and with the reverence due to the divine word, for at least half an hour; if the time is less, the indulgence will be partial.”

Oh my I look at several versions. Including the KJV. But I think the NABRE which is online. :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe the Pope that added this work for an indulgence thought scripture reading would be very beneficial , no matter what section or how much was read :innocent:

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