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I live in a really rural area. The pastor is spread between multiple rural parishes and has very little interest in adding any extra work. He does not want any parish affiliated bible studies or group fellowships (even if someone else runs them). They have mass on Sunday and pretty much nothing else. I read spiritual books and watch online daily mass, but I wish that I had more fellowship with other believers (the parish is also a bit anti-social where everyone leaves the instant mass ends or earlier). I came across a non-denominational bible study called iStudy EBS which seems to use video conferencing technology to do a bible study online. I think this is a really good idea for people living in rural areas, but the group doesn’t seem to be Catholic. They appear to be more like Protestant non-denominational. Has anyone had any familiarity with this group? Do you think they would be receptive to Catholics joining their group? Are there any Catholic parishes that offer online bible studies?

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This might be of help: Reddit

Take a look at the Institute of Catholic Culture.
All of their presentations are streamed live and then available in their library.

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