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Out of frustration with a lack of Bible study opportunities in our parishes, and few friends and I have decided to meet online (each of us lives in very different areas of the country at the moment) for a weekly or bi-weekly Bible Study. Currently, we’re considering going through the narrative books of the Old Testament since its an area where all of us feel deficient in knowledge. For those who may have been a part of a similar project (or maybe just have a wealth of good advice), I have a few questions.

*]Does anyone have any suggestions for a study resource for the Old Testament? Unfortunately, because we would each have to independently purchase the item, well respected resources such as “The Great Adventure” are out of the picture.
*]For those who have done a Bible Study online, does anyone have a suggestion for format? Our group is essentially all at the same level in terms of knowledge, so we don’t have a clear leader. Currently we’re trying to figure out how we would structure a meeting; the experience of others would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your input. I look forward to seeing any advice!


interesting idea. what website did you use to find partners?

i would be interested in seeing how an online bible study would work.


One of the greatest Catholic Old Testament studies I have encountered is the Haydock Bible. It is completely free.


Thanks for the link. I’ve never seen it before.


Well first of all you want to make sure it’s a Catholic Bible study which means it should have references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, So make sure you have the members bring Catechisms as well as a Catholic Bible.

Here is an excellent free Catholic Bible study…

It does not have all the books of the Bible complete yet but certainly enough to keep you busy. You can print out the lessons and handouts. Here is a link to Lesson 2 of Genesis as an example…


This is the same program offered in several diocese’ around the country. It is a 4 year program


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