Online Bible?

I used to be able to go to when I wanted to quickly look up a bible verse while on the computer. They’re not online any more and I still haven’t found a comparable replacement. It had several Catholic versions plus some commentaries. Can anyone recommend a good link?

My go to online Bible is the Revised Standard Version-Catholic Edition at Several other Catholic editions (1899 Douay-Rheims, New American Bible-Revised Edition, etc.) are also available there.


I second this. Just remember to go to Preferences and turn on deuterocanon for searches. You’ll be able to look up specific verses in deuterocanon either way, but that’ll let it also show up in text searches. (For an example, just search a name like Raphael or Holofernes) Not complaining, though. I think it’s the best way to handle deuterocanon for an ecumenical site. Much better than the apps that will list Catholic translations, but not offer deuterocanon at all.

For variety, I like to go to the Unbound Bible.


All great links, thanks guys :slight_smile:

D-R Bible with Haydock Commentary:

New Advent. It’s been redone nicely. Has the Knox plus the Latin (I believe it’s the Nova Vulgata) and the Greek. Plus commentary.

It has the Douay with built-in Haydock, cross references, and maps (just click the flags). Has a free stand-alone downloadable version, too.

RSV with Apocrypha


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