Online Catechetical Programs

Hi all,
I’m looking at online catechetical programs and wondering if people might have suggestions one way or another. Thanks and God bless!


If you’re looking for something academic, a number of colleges and universities offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theology online.

If you’re looking for something less rigorous you might take a look at the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation offered through the University of Dayton. It’s more of an adult education program with a wide variety of courses. If your arch/diocese is a partner you get a reduced fee for the classes.

I took a number of these classes and enjoyed them. It spurred me on to go for a master’s in theology.

This course was recommended by our DRE. I have not yet taken it, but others said it was pretty good.

It depends what you’re going for. Are you looking for the online equivalent of an academic degree or the online equivalent of a parish catechetical program?

For the former, in addition to SMD’s suggestion for University of Dayton, there is also Catholic Distance University and the Augustine Institute. If you can wait until Fall of 2014, Franciscan University will have their online catechetics program up and running.

For the latter, I would second the recommendation for MyCatholicFaithDelivered.

Hi! I suggest you look on the website of your archdiocese. I live in New York, and it provides free online catechetical programs which are really awesome! I hope this helps!

Thanks so much everyone,

A lot of these are programs I wasn’t familiar with and I didn’t know that FUS was uploading an online catechetical program in 2014. Much to consider and pray about. Your input is most helpful and greatly appreciated!

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