Online Catholic Mass?

Is there any online video or audio source of a Catholic Mass on Sunday? I was looking last Sunday evening and could not find any presentations of the mass for that Sunday. Found several videos of older Sunday masses. Thanks

Here’s a video of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

Here’s the program schedule for Immaculate Heart Radio. (Note that the times given are Pacific Time; add 3 hours if you are on the US East Coast.) You could listen live by clicking the appropriate link at the top of the schedule page when the mass is broadcast from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery by EWTN or when the mass is broadcast from a parish in IHR’s service area (Northern California, Nevada and New Mexico).

A podcast of the mass broadcast and recorded by IHR is available. Follow this link and scroll down the page to the heading “Sunday Mass.” I do not know when the podcast is made available after the original broadcast. The mass held on January 11 (Baptism of Jesus) is available for listening.

For more opportunities to hear or view the mass online, check EWTN’s video and audio broadcast schedules for their daily live and encore broadcasts of the mass. The EWTN home page has links to the television and radio pages from which you could view TV or listen online. No podcasts for later playback of EWTN’s broadcast of the mass appear to be available.

I hope this information meets your need.

You can also check out the Technochurch website. Here Fr. Bill Kessler host of the Technopriest Podcast posts videos of the Sunday Mass which he celebrates every week. The Masses are also available in a Video Podcast format.

The link to the website can be found here:

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