Online Christmas Shopping


I was wondering if there were any suggestions as to a few good online stores that would be good for Christmas Shopping. I have so little time as it is that I know I couldn’t battle through all the stores and traffic to buy what I needed. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know I looked at one that had the word Hearth in the title but I couldn’t find it when I searched again.
I have 6 nieces and nephews to shop for ranging from 9 to 6 months :D. Plus parents, siblings, grandfather, and my boyfriend.

OK I almost forgot, friends too.

That’s a long list but I don’t plan on being extravigant.

I would really like some online stores that are Christian and/or Catholic in nature that provide toys like horse models, etc.

:smiley: I understand that is a long list to fulfill but any help in pointing me in the right direction will be much appreciated.


Well, there are many Catholic/Christian stores to shop from (including Catholic Answers), but for toys, you may only find a select few items at reasonable prices (unless you’ll buy children’s books). I did a lot of my shopping off of Amazon, etoys, and toys r us. Also, if there is something special you’re looking for, enter it into a search engine (like my nephew and brother like airplanes, especially United Airlines, so I was able to find a site that sold UA planes, pilot hats, toys, etc.). I will never shop for Christmas and birthday gifts from a store again. Online is nice, and a lot of the time you can find free shipping, so it can be even cheaper than going to the store and buying the items.


I love Catholic Supplies in St. They have all kinds of gifts, books, music, ornaments, jewelty, toys…just lots of good stuff. It’s my first stop for in person Christmas shopping, and online has just about everything the store does. There’s a good selection of Willow Tree items. Just type in Catholic Supplies St Louis, and it will come right up.

Abbey Press is another nice catalog. I’ve been pleased with them, Terry’s Village (really fast delivery) and Lillian Vernon. Most of the stores have online sites too. Kohl’s, Target, Walmart. I got some things for my grandchildren online the day after Thanksgiving – without standing in those crazy lines. I paid for shipping, but still saved a bundle.

You might also try Our Lady of the Snows. They have a lovely store. Good luck.


Not sure about horses … but, I’ve had GREAT on line shopping experiences with:’


Oh, and toys r us (or little people website) sells a Little Peoples Nativity set. My mom bought my daughter a Veggie Tales Nativity set (so cute).


Here is my answer to a lot of online shopping questions: ebay. Just make sure they have a good rating and read the description carefully. Ebay is still a gamble at times, but I have found a lot of bargains and neat items there.


Me too. And a lot of things on there are new in the original box. It is interesting the things you can find there.


You may be thinking of “Hearthsong”, if you like that…check out Magic Cabin as well.



Thank You everyone for your suggestion! I will check them out.


Catholic World Mission has the Glory Stories on their website, and coloring books to with them. My kids LOVE them! Of course, they haven’t been saturated with the garbage out there, so I’m sure that helps.


Well, being an unimaginative male, I just give gift cards. But being an efficient male, I try to purchase them through the parish Manna program, so the school gets a cut and I kill multiple birds with one stone.


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