Online confession


Does anyone know if this is possible? That is, going to confession online?
Like, are there any Catholic Priests available to take confessions online?Came to my mind and was wondering if that would be valid…:wink:


I think I found the answer…


I found yet another

"Vatican says no to online confessions"


That sure is a flat NO.


That’d be because ALL the sacraments from baptism to Last Rites have to be done in person and (more or less) face-to-face. God and the Spirit work on us on an interpersonal level, not at a remote distance.

So watching or listening to a broadcast Mass doesn’t substitute for attending, nor does confessing online or over the phone substitute for fronting up to the priest.

With confession there are also privacy and security issues as well - the internet isn’t exactly the most private or secure of media.


Perfectly understood. Thank you. :smiley:



Those who are too ill are totally exempt from the Sunday obligation. So they aren’t obliged to watch it on TV or to receive Communion from a Minister either. And sometimes they can’t do either of these things.

Watching Mass on TV and receiving Communion in the home are an additional but not strictly necessary, means of the sick honouring the Lord’s day, as any sincere Christian would want to do if capable, even if not obliged.

To answer your question - the obligation is to attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, with exemptions for illness, childcare or other similar duties, or necessary work. Of course it’s also not sinful to miss Mass for reasons beyond your control - if the car breaks down or what have you.

And we’re only obligated to receive the Eucharist once per year (preferably at some point during the Lent and Easter season)


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