Online coupon codes

Is it okay to go to a website like or to look for online coupon codes to use when purchasing items from various websites? Where do these coupon codes come from? I can’t help but think I’m stealing or cheating if I use the promo coupons I find, but the other part of me thinks this is being scrupulous. I suppose it wouldn’t be much different than finding a coupon online to print out and use at a store in person, but I’m just checking before I do it. I used to use coupon codes all the time when shopping online, but since I’ve become scrupulous I second guess my judgement.

My thinking on this is that the majority of coupon codes are published - usually through the newsletters of the retailer in question. Yes, that’s supposed to incentivise you to get their newsletter, but it’s also at the retailer’s discretion how long they want to let the coupon code be active, how many times they want to let you use it, and so on.

Morally this is a grey area, since the internet didn’t really exist when the catechism was last updated, and there’s no real clear ruling on it. It’s not intentionally deceptive behaviour, nor is it stealing per-se, so I can’t see how it would be morally wrong at all.

They’re perfectly legal within most countries in the world.

Stores give out coupons and discounts is buying stuff on black friday a sin or using coupons in the store? Of course not! So I honestly don’t see how this would be a sin to god. You’re still paying for the products and aren’t stealing them and you’re getting a 100% legal discount. But, just my personal opinion.

Coupon Codes are designed by the retailer to draw customers to their web sites to make sales. Most retailers also publish their coupon codes on twitter and facebook so more people will use them.

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