Online dating advice - is it worth it?

I can’t predict what will happen with you, but I can tell you about us.

My husband and I met on Catholic Match and there’s zero chance we’d have met each other any other way. We lived in different States & didn’t have jobs in the same industry & neither of us were practicing Catholics - he was attending Protestant Churches & I was attending Orthodox Churches & we weren’t involved in similar anything that would potentially have caused our paths to cross, if it weren’t for Catholic Match.

But that being said, we didn’t actually “join” Catholic Match either, we communicated through Emojis & then he snuck me his number on one of his photos. Lol - I finally paid to join thinking he’d sent me a message before I called him for the first time, but the message was from another man ugh so I wasted my money lol we were married 5 months after we first spoke, about a week after exchanging Emojis.

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I created accounts on Catholic Match and Catholic Singles a few weeks ago just to see what was out there. I haven’t paid for either so I cannot contact people but I can view accounts and see who has viewed and liked my account. So far I’ve had a good amount of people view my account, many more than I expected and one person messaged me though I cannot reply without paying.

My intent is to continue to pursue things in my daily life but I figured why not at least have an account out there on these sites and if God wants someone to come into my life that way, well then I am being open to that. If something comes my way that I feel is worth exploring then I will consider paying for an account. I have looked at some accounts and been very inspired by how many holy and driven Catholic women are out there. Sometimes I feel like its easy for us to say “oh well nobody is out there.” But the reality is, there are so many people out there, we just aren’t meeting for whatever reason. They probably wonder where all the Catholic men are and I am one of them, we just haven’t been in a place to meet and show we both exist.

I would consider creating free accounts and if God wants to work through that to bring someone into your life that way, He will do so. It is important that we are open to the will of God but we do have to do some footwork on our end in order to be receptive to His will. Creating free accounts will not only inspire you by seeing the goodness of other people’s accounts, but it will also open you up to God using these platforms as a way for you to find someone if that is indeed His plan. :slight_smile:

One of my brothers has done online dating for years, probably eight or so years now. He has contacted quite a few people over the years and has had good conversations with some. He had a longterm girlfriend with a women he met online who lived hundreds of miles away. They got engaged but sadly they broke it off :frowning:

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