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I was wondering if anyone has heard pros or cons about Regis University in Denver's online education degree programs? I am mainly concerned about their Catholic stance and traditionalism. I am a working father looking to continue my education with a bachelors degree and online learning is the best fit for my time schedule. If anyone knows of any other Catholic institutions that offer a bachelors degree let me know. (the degree does not have to be necessarily catholic in nature, i.e business. I would just like to get it from a good catholic school). -Thanks Andy


Ive never heard of those colleges. I'm getting mine online from Saint Leo University. Its a regular Catholic university that also offers everything online.


I know nothing of that college. However what I DO know is that you want to look for a college that is REGIONALLY accredited NOT nationally accredited. In addition be VERY VERY careful with the midwest accreditation right now. They have having issues with the institution who accredits these programs/college.

Also, you generally do not want to go to an institution that is for profit. Generally speaking you can tell this from the cost. For example, in school tuition -- which is normally what you pay if your program is 100% online -- is anywhere from $3-5K a year full time. Out of state tuition is roughly $6-9K full time per year. However some schools that are NOT good ideas (cough, hooked on phoenix, cough) will run you several hundreds of dollars PER CREDIT hour

Finally you don't want see terminology that seems off/odd. If they aren't talking about credit hours, department heads/deans and are using some kind of alternate verbiage, drop 'em!

Good luck!


Franciscan University offers a graduate degree in Theology. If that's not what you're interested in doing then you can go to many other universities that offer some bachelor and graduate degrees online. Science and engineering is not something typically offered. Avoid hard core online classes that usually require labs.

Texas Tech offers a graduate degree in engineering online. North Carolina offers an engineering degree online. As Anna indicated, be careful about accreditation. Otherwise you're wasting your money and time. I did a lot of research on this issue trying to follow trends in higher education and a program for engineering. UT offers an MBA program on the weekends up in DFW and other cities. It's the same degree if you actually went to UT Austin. The programs do exist.

Anna, what subject do you teach?

Good luck.


If education is your focus, Madonna is a good place to start. Also, St. Marys. However MSU has a top notch, fantastic top of the line education program... online.

I teach Chemistry in the Natural Science department. Which Chem I teach depends on the semester b/c I'm adjunct -- I only have class while my kids are in school.


Wow, Chemistry. That’s a hard subject. Had a year of it and am glad I made it through. GIS is my area of expertise, along with urban planning and civil engineering infrastructure design and rehabilitation. I quit a good job to return to school for an advanced degree in education. It actually helps me understand child development. My wife’s a teacher. I hope to obtain a PhD eventually, if I don’t croak first.

Do you already have a PhD yet?


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