Online explanation of the Mass... with pictures?

I have a friend on another Catholic board who is seriously considering converting to the Catholic Church, and we are trying to explain the various parts of the Mass to him. I know there are plenty of texts online explaining the Mass, as well as DVD’s that can be bought (including The Catholic Mass… Revealed!), but he’s poor and can’t afford the DVD’s, and he was confused the one time he went. (He’s an ex-JW, so even getting him into a church was an accomplishment.) What we’re looking for though is an online set of photos that go through the various parts of the Mass so they could be used along side a good text site. Does anyone know of anything like this? An online teaching Mass video would be even better…

I just did an internet search on your question and found this one, that looks pretty good. Click on the tabs at the top of the page to progress through the different sections of the explanation.

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