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I play Candy Crush Saga, and there are times when I get stuck on a level and can’t figure out how to beat it. I am wondering if it is ethical to read online about “cheats” or "tips"on how to beat each level. I’m not talking about finding glitches in the game whereby you would get more chances than the game allows. I’m simply talking about tips like, “You need to make striped candys so that they will move sideways and crush the jelly.” In no way do I think this would be a mortal sin; however, I am wondering if it would be a venial sin. I mean, obviously the makers of Candy Crush hope that you will buy candies to help you win, but I never buy anything in these types of games. So is it unethical to read tips or “cheats” on how to beat each level? Thoughts?


Absolutely not. This is simply a strategy guide on how to reach the objective while using least amount of resources (moves in this case). King of course knows that its players will share strategies, and this is in no way immoral.


You shall go to Candy Crush Purgatory for your misdeeds Veronica!

(The worse thing about it is that it will all be that sugar-free stuff.)


:eek: When I used to play Age of Empires I’d always have a large page of cheats printed out nearby. Never once did I worry about the ethics of cheating in a video game!


It’s just a game. Using real cheats would just be cheating yourself. Reading tips and strategy guides is just educating yourself so that you can progress. It really doesn’t matter. You could try to work it out for yourself, or learn from other people’s successful strategies. It’s up to you how you want to play it. Relax and enjoy the game.


Seriously? A sin??? I think you should think about priorities in life, then go enjoy your games. Above all, avoid Candy Crush Purgatory!


Most game developers even go as far as to set up social media surrounding their product and encouraging players to share tips and tricks because they have found building community and discussion around their products increases consumer loyalty. Even if the company did not want you discussing their game online for misguided belief of lost profits they don’t have any moral or legal authority to stand on.


There are countless books available that teach you strategies for playing Chess.

Are any of these books sinful in any way?

Lest anyone think I’m actually asking, the question is rhetorical, and I know the answer is ‘No’.


Thank you, all! Candy Crush Purgatory…very funny:p
Sometimes my conscience doesn’t work properly, I guess. I’m still trying to get a sense of when to trust it.


My chess strategy is to play so deplorably that none of my opponent’s strategies are of any use. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not familiar with Candy Crush Saga. If you’re playing against someone else than you should stick to the rules of the game. Note, there’s nothing wrong about reading up on tips/strategies for any kind of game so you improve your performance. Any opponent can do the same. It would be immoral to do some kind of manipulation or cheat to the game itself to allow you to violate the rules that you expect your opponent to adhere to.

If it’s single player game let’s look at the basic-
You’re playing something for entertainment/enjoyment. There’s nothing immoral about applying cheats to a single player game if that makes it more enjoyable for you. That’s kind of the point of playing it.

A different issue is if you ‘cheat’ the game to allow you access to features that the maker charges an additional payment.


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