Online interactive Catholic Bible Study?


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I’m curious if anyone knows of an interactive or discussion based online Catholic Bible Study program or group?

I know there are a wealth of non-interactive online Bible study resources out there and many of them are very good (The one at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology in particular).

The problem, or perhaps just my :wink: problem is that they either imply a parish based group or are strictly self study. I’d love to attend a parish based one, but travel logistics make that nearly impossible. Self study ones are interesting, but I think they are much more effective as a group where one discuss and dialog on the reading.

I’ve found a few interactive online bible study programs I’ve found so far have been staunchly Protestant in nature. I’ve searched the forums, and maybe I’ve missed it, but as far as I’ve found there simply isn’t out there.




Bibles aren’t to be studied, they’re to be meditated upon


How about the 90 day Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study? The aim is to give an overview of Salvation history. Once registered, you will get an email to say when the next study starts. You are given a short scene setter, a question for discussion, a link to the USSB chapters to be read (usually 4). The aim is to simply read and think about the discussion question. After this, you click the join the discussion (you will need to open a Discus account - which is free and you can have a different name to your real one). You can simply to read the insights offered by others, comment on other posts and/or offer your own reflection. Each day you get an email with the study of the day.

It was set up by Jeff Cavins. Here is a link:

Tommydude2112 - I would disagree, Lectio Divina is valuable but it does not explain salvation history, the terminology or language of the time, customs, history or the context. Nor does it help link the covenants, or show the links between the Old and New Testament. It also does not enable sharing with others (learning and teaching). I am just suggesting that there is more than one way to read the Bible and each has its own value and contribution to our spirituality. The most important thing is to read the Bible so we can grow closer to God through learning about our faith.



I do not know how good this is but its at Scott Hahan’s website:
Audio Courses
Bible studies with Dr. Hahn

I think I may try this out myself :smiley:


The only one I’m aware of is the following:
“Gospels in a Year”

I’ve only recently come upon it, so I’m not sure what happens after a year – if it will just repeat doing only the gospels or if it will go on to other books in the Bible.
There’s not really any study format (questions; extensive commentary). It just gives the gospel text, a brief commentary, and then it’s open for members to post comments, questions, insights, commentary quotes. It’s worth checking out. You have to sign up if you want to do any posting (just like here at CAF).

They (Flocknote) also have one based on the Catechism called “Catechism in a Year” -

One of our CAF posters - Fidelis - has a weekly Sunday Scripture Study lesson based on the Sunday readings. They can be downloaded free for private use or use in a group. I like the questions. (Click on “Current Study” or “Previous & Upcoming Studies”)
Several years ago he started exactly what you are looking for – an online discussion of the current week’s study. Unfortunately not enough people joined and participated so he closed it.


Thank you! I signed up for shortly after you posted this.
I may be too late though. The overview page indicates this started a few months ago and was to run for 90 days. :eek:

If so I’ll keep looking…


Thanks, I’ll keep a eye on it and if The Great Adventure doesn’t work, I’ll give it a shot! I have several pretty decent study Bibles that I like, but the idea of being able to not only read/medidate but discuss the readings with others appeals greatly to me. We’re all together in this journey right? :slight_smile:


It ran from January and finished just before Easter. I think that they leave a gap to enable people who started late or had to take a break to catch up. If you explore the site, there are some reflections put up regularly under musings etc. As you signed up, you should get a confirmation email. If this doesn’t happen, I suggest checking the site out weekly to sign up for the next course.
I enjoyed it, hope you do. :thumbsup:

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