Online intralinear Bible


Does anyone know how reliable
is for an intralinear bible translation.

I cannot find any reference as to what organization they may be with.

Also, if someone knows a Catholic backed / based website that provides an intralinear


I like the Unbound Bible at Biola University.

Obviously not strictly Catholic, but does include at least a couple of Catholic versions (I frequently browse the Douay-Rheims and either of the Latin Vulgates), and other translations including “Deuterocanonical/Apocryphal” books (look for the " [SUP]2 [SUP]a[/SUP][/SUP] " designations).



Good question. I use it alot. And from the experience of using it, my impression is that it’s pretty good. It seems to offer the most accurate, literal word for word translation, with “an option” underneath, then a rendering of the sentence on the far right. It is pretty user friendly too.


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