Online Liturgy of the Hours Guide (4 Volume Set)?


Hi all… I hope someone can help… I misplaced my St Joseph Guide for the LOTH 4 volume set and I have just ordered a new one. Is there someplace online where I can download a full calendar for the month so I have something while I wait for my new one to arrive? I know the St Thomas More House of Prayer has one on their site ( but it is for the single volume Christian Prayer book, not the 4 volume set.

I’d prefer to have something that lists all the pages for the week or month by date if possible, that way I don’t have to look it up each day.

Thanks for the help and God Bless… YBIC - John


A larger image is at if it helps.



That is one I can think of hope it is what you are looking for.


Thanks Rasbat… that does help, but I still have to come to it each day as there is not a week at a glance version. This has been what I have been using. I guess I could just go there, compile it myself into Excel and wait for my new St Joseph guide to come, but I was really hoping someone would have already compiled this.

With that said though… I wonder how hard it would be to compile the guide myself? I’m not sure what all would be required other than a A LOT of page flipping to make it. Nope… that sounds like too much work. :eek:

YBIC - John


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