Online LOTH Service

What would you think of an online subscription based service that allowed you to select various options (such as opening hymn, whether to chant or not, etc.) and generated a pdf of the day’s LOTH in booklet form that could be printed out for group or parish use?


There’s a very nice free service at

Personally, I wouldn’t pay for a service that a) I can get free and b) I seldom use anyway because I have the book version.

… I think that I would look at the long-term cost and weigh that against just purchasing the LOTH.

That site just appears to display it on the webpage. What would make this service different is that it would format it (along with personal choices such as hymn selection) into a booklet for copying for, say, a parish setting.

A single LOTH book won’t be enough for an entire parish and most parishoners don’t have their own copy, and they won’t all have internet access in church.

What the user would really be paying for is the typesetting and saving yourself the time and effort of doing it yourself.

In that case you would need to check with pastors or business managers to see what they would be willing to pay. It’s the same kind of trade-off that comes with purchasing hymnals that can be used for many years versus disposable materials.

I would like to see more parishes offer the Liturgy of the Hours. My parish prays Lauds before morning Mass and the parish where I attend daily Mass has an evening Mass followed by Vespers. The parish with Vespers has copies of the prayer book available and people either bring their own or use one from the church.

Lucky! Though, my group did such a splendid job with Vespers when the Bishop came that my Pastor is looking to have Vespers perhaps several times a year (for special occasions).

Baby steps…


A friend of mine and I got Vespers started. We asked the pastor if he would mind if we prayed after Mass and it started with the two of us. We kept inviting people to stay and pray with us and made it a point to say that we’d be happy to teach people if they didn’t know how it worked. We also said that if people didn’t know what this form of prayer was like they were welcome to observe just to see if they might like it.

We still regularly invite people to pray with us and make it clear that they’re welcome whether they do it regularly, once in a while, or just want to check it out once.

It started as a totally lay-led project. Eventually the pastor joined us but there wasn’t any burden on him to get it started.

I believe they use ebreviary now for this service and parishes can get in on the diocesan license if they wish to use it, but would have to pay for it, and of course for printing, not something many parishes here can afford.

That, my friend, is quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve heard of in recent memory.

Liturgy of the Hours requires subscription, but I think they offer reprinting permission. They did a couple of years ago when it was free. I don’t think they offer any options for hymn, formatting etc, but once you have it downloaded you may be able to tweak it to your needs.

If I may ask – how did/do you deal with the issue of people being noisy as they leave the Church (jib-jabbing with their friends for upwards of 15-20 minutes after Mass ends – usually as they work their way towards greeting the Priest)?

Attached is a sample (very customized) of what could be offer.

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LOL. Send directly to printer. Yeah, guys. Just, ya know, pipe that file right into /dev/prtHPLJ2025.

Anybody who wants to view that file… just click this link right here


The priest doesn’t greet people after daily Masses. He goes in the sacristy to take off his chasuble then comes back in the chapel to pray with us. And if people want to talk they usually leave the chapel so there isn’t an issue.

If people were hanging around, we’d probably hand them a prayer book and invite them pray with us!

Looks interesting, but personally I prefer the hard book copy. I can imagine groups who’d find it useful though.

I think you’ve probably succeeded in confusing all of our non-techie members :wink:

Besides, all the cool people use CUPS :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. That was kind of the point. Sarcasm != useful online. =)

Though, if one has their (Unix/Linux ;)) system setup right, lp/lpr should handle the dirty work for you.

Thanks, my PS->PDF converter wasn’t handling that file properly, which is why I left it in PS.

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