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Does anyone know of a program to get an online degree for an MA in theology from an orthodox Roman Catholic university? I would love to get a degree but work full time.


Sure, you can get a completely online Master’s in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas IRPS (Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies). I am comtemplating joining the program. There are various Master’s degree concentrations available. It is a private, Catholic school in Irving, Texas, outside of Dallas. I think that would be a good place to start. Here’s the website:

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Can you get a Bachelors Degree here as well?


Yep, here is the breakdown of the majors and concentrations available. I believe the OP was asking about online degrees, but here is the info for all they offer for

I’m still debating over getting my MA in Theological Studies. Private Schools can be Pricey, though!


I am looking for a BA in Theological Studies in the online mode.


Unfortunately, I don’t think they offer an online program. But, shoot an e-mail and request some info. But, you don’t need a BA in Theology to get your MA in Theological Studies. But, don’t take my word for it.

Good luck with your studies!

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Franciscan University has a distance education program for an MA in theology. I do believe though that they have a one semester residency requirement. You could check with their admissions department (Mark McGuire is the MA admissions director) or Fr. Dan Pattee (the MA program director). I’ve worked with both and they have been very helpful.


Catholic Distance University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, I believe. They are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, which is recognized by CHEA/DOE but it is not as well received in academic circles. What do you plan on doing with a bachelor’s in theology?


International Catholic University has a complete online MA in theology or philosophy - I know a gentleman who obtained his MA in philosophy and he told me he mainly studied Aquinas - they have (as far as I know) a good, traditional program - I don’t know where you are with Vat II - but they do have classes on that. The MA is actually through the Holy Apostles Seminary - which IS REGIONALLY accredited - just like any other major university in the country.

Here’s the link:


get the bachelor’s first since all I have is an Associates in Information Systems.

Then I could pursue the MA.

My ultimate goal is become a Deacon.


Okay, well, as said on here before, I don’t think your bachelor’s has to be in theology to be admitted to an MA in theology program. If you haven’t already, you will want to check with your diocese about becoming a deacon. You might not need an MA. My diocese offers a four year program run with a local Catholic university, all undergrad, I think.


unfortunately there is nothing “Local Catholic” here. The nearest place is a 3 hour drive away. Yes I will have to contact the diocese as well.


My diocese has made arrangements so that the classes are offered at local parishes. People never have to travel too far. Maybe your diocese has something like that? I’d check into, if you haven’t done so already. I’ll pray for you and your vocation, God Bless.


hi try holy apostles college and seminary cromwell ct. they have an online program. i heard its great. good luckk

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