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Does anyone know of any online marraige prep info? My friend if planning on getting married, but he doesn’t seem to know the first thing about the Catholic understaning of marriage. I know I can send him to the catechism, or to his local parish for marriage prep, but I wanted to give him a site that gives a good practical overview of the marriage processes, catholic understanding of marriage, the obligations, and requirements. Etc…

Any suggestions?

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It’s a site set up by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to give the tpye of overview you are talking about. Of course the specific requirements in terms of preparation will vary a bit by diocese. You might want to look for the marriage and family life section on the website of whatever diocese your friend lives in.


Fr. John Riccardo has some great audio. They are podcasts but I convert them to MP3 once iTunes brings them in.

Now these aren't really marriage prep per se, but he provides in a format that is portable, information about marriage we need to hear.


Bishop Fulton Sheen "Three Get Married"


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