Online Novena

THE FRATERNITY OF ST GENESIUS is inviting all those on the blogosphere to participate in their ‘Online Novena’ to St Genesius, patron saint of actors and the theatrical and cinematic arts, and to pray for all those involved in acting, in theatre and in cinema.

A quick visit to the Fraternity website each day from the 17th to the 25th August is all that is required to take part in this spiritual venture. Each day a meditation and prayers will be posted to allow people around the world join in the days of prayer. Those who log on will also have an opportunity to submit their own intentions to be placed at a shrine erected to the saint.

“Pray for all actors, pray for all those involved in theatre and cinema”, founder of the Fraternity Fr John Hogan said, “or pray for a particular actor of your choice. At a time when the arts and media have such an important role to play in society, we have a responsibility to pray for all those who work in these areas. We need an explosion of grace in these times,” the priest continued, “we need hope and we need a new vision: we need to be brought back to God. The arts and media can help modern men and women look again to faith and move towards the vision which Christ offers us; but those in the arts and media must be reminded of this mission, they must be supported and encouraged: the followers of Jesus Christ are the ones who must remind them and support them, and we can begin this with our prayer for them. Their patron, St Genesius the actor, asks us to intercede with him for them.”

St Genesius, a Roman actor, was martyred in 303AD for his Christian faith. Originally a critic of Christianity, he was converted to Christ on stage as he was acting in a play mocking Christianity, while in the presence of the Emperor Diocletian.

The saint is also the patron of those who suffer from epilepsy and of victims of torture and persecution, and these will also be remembered in the novena.

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