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I came upon this website by accident and, quite frankly, am shocked.

Apparently, the only requirements to be an ordained minister are:

You must believe in God as the one true God.
You must accept Jesus Christ as our true and holy savior.
You must pray for the forgiveness of your past sins.

And that’s it! No theological training. Not even any Bible reading!

I’m also more than a bit disturbed by the answer given to the question “Can I start my own church once I become an official ordained Minister from the Christian National Church?”

Here’s the link:

Oh, isn’t Protestantism fun? :smiley:

Just thank God that you have been lead to the one, true Church.

I don’t think this is an example of “Protestantism” so much as it’s a result of America’s strange legal system that muddles the civil and religious aspects of marriage. People don’t go to this site because they actually want to start their own church - they go to this site because they want to preside over their friends’ weddings and the law requires them to be “ministers” in order to do so.

I’m sure you’re right that this is often the case.

However, I worry about those who would start a church and begin teaching whatever occurs to them, without even checking the Bible.

Don’t you find that scary?

This has been around a while. As I posted, years ago, at some point in the process, an image of an open pair of hands appears on the screen and the “applicant” is instructed to place the top of his/her head against the monitor and press “Enter” for the “ordination”.

Or something like that.


Wow, to think of the 5 years of study that I waster to be ordained.:rolleyes:

Universal Life Church has been doing this since 1977. However, they don’t suggest you have to be Christian, they will give one to anyone of any beliefs or of no belief.

Like them better. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how celebrities "officiate " at weddings.

I think this is exactly Protestantism exercised to its fullest! Besides what serious evangelical gives a hoot about ordination these days anyway lol! don’t need no education were all priests! I say this in jest!

I have an online ordination. I got it because, after more than a decade of private study, I was acting as a minister to many people and I wanted the legal right to perform weddings. Now that I am joining the Catholic church that ordination doesn’t really mean anything because I won’t be performing weddings unless I am called to and receive holy orders as a priest. I don’t think that I have the patience for seminary though, but I will do as I am called. If I receive that calling, I know that God will give me the patience for seminary and formation.

actually you can become a deacon and preform weddings and baptism.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Two times in my life I was called to be a priest…In my all knowing attitude I did not heed the call. It certainly is a choice anyway but I didn’t take it. I am now married and working towards becoming a deacon. Permanent Deacons receive holy orders and are allowed to be married. Check out online resources on the Diaconate. Don’t confuse it with transitional Deacons as they will eventually become priests. Permanent deacons remain permanently a deacon as the name implies.

How much do they cost??? I could say some prayers at home and few bible studies, then maybe I can get a tax exempt status :smiley:

. . . and as Deacon Bill pointed out above, that still requires five (5) years of seminary. Five very LONG, challenging years.

It is also worth noting that once ordained, a deacon is assigned by the bishop to a parish and to a ministry of charity and justice and has responsibilities far beyond just doing our friends’ weddings.

I have 3 such members of my family…one presided over another family member’s wedding and I would not go. One of them is my brother and he is well-read, understands theology well, and can stand up and hold his own on many theological issues with pastors and well-education theologians or apologists.

That being said, I think the online ordinations do most of those people a disservice because the majority of them are not well-read, think the King James Bible is the one and only and do not have a background in Greek, Hebrew and Latin.

That’s probably where my niece (love her to death!) got hers.

It still might be an option for me, but it depends upon how I am called by God. I do know that I will always be celibate though, so the ability to be married isn’t a factor for me. It only matters what God wants. I won’t even be confirmed as a Catholic until Pentecost, and I know that they won’t let me start the process for any holy orders right away, so I guess that I have a little time to figure out where and how I will be called to serve. I’ve already expressed my interest in becoming an emhc as soon after my confirmation as my diocese will allow. I’m told that they are short handed for emhcs, and that I probably won’t have to wait too long for that honor.

I don’t think this is at all at the root of Protestantism. The historical protestant was one who used the study of languages, history, and biblical exegesis first. This is another way that the enemy is using to suck people from heavenly eternity. I pray God that He will allow them to see the errors of their ways.

And, as someone else stated, there is one that my niece went thru that is Universalistic in its backgrounds and beliefs.

This sort of thing has been around for years - long before the Internet it was called mail-order ordination. You’d see the ads in the back of magazines. I’ve known several people who got this - not to start churches but so they could marry friends.

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