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Hello all,

Would someone please help me out with finding a quality PhD program? If it's outside the Chicago area, it'll need to be an online program, and I'm having trouble finding one. I want to study systematics and/or ethics and/or contemporary spirituality, but my interests are very broad, I honestly just want to be in a program to continue my formal education.

Backstory: I'm a high school religion teacher right outside Chicago, with my M.A. in Historical/Systematic Theology, and I want to continue on to my PhD, but don't want to have to quit teaching if I don't have to. I have a few applications out there right now (U of Chicago Div School, which will require quitting teaching for 5 years, and Notre Dame--would also require a move for my wife and I, in addition to quitting). Ideally, we won't have to move, and I can continue teaching, even though it will extend how long the program takes--the problem is finding a program that fits those criteria.



Be careful! Most on-line advanced degree programs are B.S.-and I do not mean Batchelor of Science and most of academia will not accept the validity of their degrees.
By the same token, many major universities have graduate programs that can be done in absentia. I strongly suggest that instead of going on-line for your search, that you go to the research department of the Main Branch of the Chicago Public Library and do your search there. You will find their staff most helpful. You should also research available grants and fellowships while you are there....A week of research there will pay off big time.
Do not rely on the internet alone....there are too many charletons and fakes for it to be reliable.


Don't do it! Those online Ph.D programs are usually highly dubious. It's probably a diploma mill just after your money.


Check their accreditation… It’s really the best way to tell if you are getting a recognized, quality education.


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