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I have been wondering, does any dioceses have online courses for RCIA? I have been wondering because I heard that my parish was looking into this and I offered to help, but I heard nothing back so far. I know how to install and use an educational program called moodle ( In fact I use it for my online classroom for my class. From installing to creating the courses.

In my head, I see an online Catholic University for lay people to lean, re-learn, and become know their faith. Hopefully done all for low cost or even free.

What would you want to learn?

I don’t think online RCIA classes would be wise. During that initial formation of coming into the faith, I think it’s imperative there is human interaction. The biggest part for me (having very recently come out of RCIA) what had the bigger impact was sharing my journey with others on the team and going through the classes. What was taught was, obviously, important as that was the end goal of why we were there. But the Holy Spirit is much easier to experience in a community. And a real one. Not an internet community.

Now so as to not completely dismiss the idea as I feel it has real merit, I would suggest maybe looking at this as an opportunity to catechize and re-evangelize Catholics who know little about their faith or have fallen away and seek to come back. Their is nothing wrong with refreshing your knowledge and understanding on what the Church teaches. For those who are somewhat grounded in their faith already this could be very beneficial. But for those new to the faith enrolling in RCIA I, personally, feel that human interaction is paramount. But that’s just one man’s opinion.

I agree, it is not ‘me and Jesus’, it is ‘us’ the Church and Jesus. The human interaction with the RCIA team, other candidates and catechumens is very important!

One cannot replace the experience of learning the Catholic with with other human beings who also wish to enter into the Catholic Church. Granted I studied the faith under private instructions but I did so with a priest. I do not think it would have been a very meaningful experience had I done it online?

Personally speaking I would not want to learn about the Faith online if I was going through RCIA or Faith Formation.

Well, it seems like my idea is still an idea.
What about a hybrid class? You still go to RCIA, but all of the information in online?

No one in my RCIA class talked to each other much. Everyone just came and sat awkwardly around the table and chatted about the weather. I would have done an online class. Just my personal experience. I hardly see my sponsor anymore, I emailed her several times but I haven’t heard anything from her since the Easter Vigil, except a smile and a wave when we go to the same Mass.

That being said, I am really happy that I came home to the Church, even though the RCIA process was not as friendly as I would have wished it would be.

At my parish RCIA is quite the social event. People bring munchies and schmooze & snack starting 30 minutes early; about half the ‘class’ are last year’s catechumens and sponsors and Catholics just there for refreshing their knowledge. The newbies get plugged into the wider parish community this way and have a great time.

I don’t see any Diocese approving of this because well, it’s not how it has been Traditionally done in the Church.

And it seems to defeat the purpose. RCIA is not about socializing, it’s about sharig and learning about the Catholic Faith together as a Community, face to face.

Now granted it would have been a lot more convenient for me to do online stuff during the time I was receiving instruction from the priest who did my Sacraments, but he graciously despensed me from the RCIA classes because of busy schedules that could not be altered.

This could be a good idea for people that travel for there job. Or people that live far from a parish (like the great state of south dakota)
:D. Interesting idea. Anything to help the church.

If people want to know the teachings the Catechism is online. But learning the faith is more than just knowing the teachings. That takes the human interactions folks have already mentioned.

Keep in mind that I am not talking about replacing RCIA, but adding to it something that can help reach people.

Student A: Lives near a local parish, wants to become a Catholic. Goes to his/hers local parish and follows their RCIA Program. Maybe the program is lead by faithful laity. The student attends classes and ask questions. The student has access to the online information, but prefers the class instead.

Student B: Wants to be a Catholic but cannot attend a regular class. Instead takes the online version with help from his priest. He will view lectures from great speakers, see debates, and progress through the program with the priest over a set time period. He may be able to attend an RCIA Class as well when is work allows.

Student A and B will meet during class when it is required that all attend. Like confirmation or first confession and so on. Both attend the Easter Vigil and get confirmed.

That think that above best represents my idea. Please comment and let me know if I am alone in this (which is fine by the way) or if you would consider being Student B.

I like the idea. As long as your offering online rcia to fill in the gaps and not to completely overhaul the system already in place. I think it could only help the church. I’m sure there are many people out there that would like to go through rcia but just can’t make it to the classes.

I have started RCIA with the inquiry meetings. I would love to have an online course in addition to the classes/meetings at the church with the rest of the class.


I am currently in the Inquiry stage of the RCIA classes soon to be in the Chatecumenate stage but would also love for there to be some sort of online classes to dig deeper into what they are teaching us in class within an hour a week. For me that is not enough time to learn the stuff we need to learn. Even if it was an online homework page or assignments for the classes to read with questions at the end that would be really helpful.

I can’t see RCIA being online for the reasons already mentioned. But there is a huge need for adult education, whether online or in person. Offering classes on various topics could be useful. The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation – – is a wonderful example of how this can be done.

I understand that you feel an online class would be great and I too am familiar with the moodle program.

However the moodle is a tool used for repetition to build skill and for corporations to save a dollar,because most companies who use this type of program are in the business of memorization of product, services, the learning of basic programs.

I do not and would not want to learn or do Church online. Technology today ie. texting, FB, twitter, Chat, etc has made us ignorant and unfeeling. People do not know how to interact with one another any more.

Moodle has its place…just not in Church or for Church, IMHO.

While I enjoy this forum most of the time, I would not be hurt if Technology as we know it crashed.

People would have to learn how to be people, instead of robots.

Well I don’t mean the whole RCIA class online just homework and that kind of stuff since one hour is not long enough to learn some parts.

Well, I have to disagree with you houseofsaul, Moodle is a great tool. I have seen it used both in good ways and bad. Integrated with a scorm I believe is one of the best ways it can be used. CDX is a company that teaches in the transportation field, however they also use moodle ( and there own scorm packages. You could also post great videos of speakers talking about different topics that go more into depth that what your RCIA class could have gone into. You can add animation and more to tell a story for our visual learners. The list goes on.

Anyways I am on my way to becoming a member of our RCIA team at my parish. They are interested in online course but they are not sure were to go. It may take awhile but I hope we do use every aspect of technology to spread the faith. If they feel we can do an online blend type class, then I will be happy to help. If they decide not to, well it’s OK too, since it is not for everyone.

It looks like you can:

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