Online RCIA classes

I agree. There is certainly a component of “book learning” but most of the process is an apprenticeship in Christian living - which can’t be done on-line, or at least, not easily.

It is also a Preparation for the Sacraments, which definitely can’t be done on-line - the Sacraments involve other people, and must be done in person. It’s important, also, that the RCIA members become a community of support for one another. While there is a limited sense in which this can be done on line, it’s much more effective when it happens in person.

PS: There are lots of on-line learning tools for Catholics at every stage of spiritual development; I would hope and expect that RCIA candidates and Catechumens are already making use of them, and not depending on their local parish to provide everything on a silver spoon. But what the parish is really good at is providing the Rites, and the community in which they happen, and the Sacraments.

As for the lack of time, people make time for the things that are important to them. If someone is saying, “I don’t have time,” it is just a polite way of saying, “I am not interested.” Everyone has exactly the same amount of time given to them; we all spend it on the things that we are interested in, and that are important to us. I have seen people move heaven and earth to get to RCIA classes because they knew it was the salvation of their souls - they canceled trips, and they rearranged their work schedules to be there; I have seen people who preferred to watch TV rather than come to RCIA, because they didn’t see the point. Guess which ones are still Catholic today? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I think this is a wonderful idea! I would not suggest it instead of a real life Rcia class but to run along beside it would be FANTASTIC . It would mean that those who are in small parishes where there are not many candidates could interact with others on the journey. It would mean people running Rcia would have a place to gain added information. It would mean that candidates who are away sometimes would be able to “catch up” and even if there was only one Rcia i facilitator in a parish and that person was I’ll or unavailable one week the others could perhaps get together to Follow it online that week. I am just discerning whether to run the Rcia in my parish . An online course would be Godsend to me. I do hope you were not put off by all the negative responses. If you were I pray that you will find renewed enthusiasm. So many people would be indebted to you in this year of faith.

My experience with trying to run on-line programming alongside real life programming is that everyone quits coming to class, and your funding gets dropped due to lack of attendance numbers.

RCIA obviously doesn’t depend on numbers to get funding, but at the same time, it’s always more reassuring to the pastor if he sees people in the classroom on RCIA night, and he is more likely to approve your resource list.

I encourage you to ask for recommended books on the subjects you are interested in diving deeper. You can ask at RCIA and here.

Also, you can’t spend too much time with scripture. Reading where it takes you, the daily readings, or, spending the whole week digging deeper into what is being taught in the Sunday readings.


Although I originally asked for wan online RCIA course ( and would still like one ) I have been experimenting by putting key words from the course into Google but always adding the word Catholic and I have found some wonderful sites & information. I would advise each week searching only the subject for that week. I’m not sure if I am allowed to advertise websites on here but I have found some excellent sites mostly from America

TEFL will open a lot of doors for you. Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some teaching experience, a TEFL qualification is definitely a plus to vouch your competence in the ESL industry.

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