Online rosary??


I have a rosary app on my iPad, and I was just wandering can I pray along with that instead of actual beads? I am kind of new at praying the rosary, so I just wanted to know if I could do it this way, and it would still be valid. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Yep! That’s how I learned to pray it a few years ago myself. :slight_smile:

Yes. A person could keep track of the count using their fingers if they chose to and that would count. The beads are there to help us count but are not necessary to make the rosary “valid”. However, unlike rosary beads your app, nor your fingers, is a sacramental.

It is so frequent, the use of so-called social media in practicing our faith these days! From facebook to twitter to yes, online rosary downloads. Purists and traditionalists would probably say, nothing substitutes the holiness of the rosary beads blessed by a father. Nothing is as sacred as the Holy Scripture recited when you pray the Holy Rosary. The literal beads are very very meaningful particularly to the Holy Mother when she intercedes on our behalf and our petitions’ behalf to her loving Son, Jesus Christ.

Online rosary is fine therefore. Just not blessed by a priest. The meditation - if you will - the communication to God is or may be the same as recitation with true Rosary beads. It is THAT communication to God that is the essence of praying the Holy Rosary. Some go to their blessed Holy Rosary beads while others use “car” rosaries - the little rosary one may pray with while stuck in traffic! Still others rely on an online rosary download. Each a little different but when you pray with love and faith and hope the Holy Rosary, it is that the loving Blessed Mother intercedes on your behalf and your prayer petitions’ behalf to Jesus that is the true effectiveness of the prayer. God Bless!

Pax Christi!

You could get your phone blessed. Explain to the priest/deacon that you use your phone for prayer (or CAF, or daily readings, et cetera).

God bless.

Yes, it’s a great way to say the rosary. (Not the only way.) But while you are keeping time with ten Hail Mary’s you can meditate on the mystery. For example you may be praying the first Joyful mystery. For ten Hail Mary’s you can consider the angel coming with a message from God the Father to the Virgin to ask if she will be the mother of Jesus and she says YES. (Just think, this very miracle was predicted hundreds of years in advance…) and you can consider her response. “Behold the handmaid of the Lord…” where was she at the time? As she was praying… and so forth. There are so many things to meditate on for each mystery. And when you say the part, “holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners NOW…” you can ask Mary to help you do always what God wants you to do. Then you are ready to meditate on another mystery. It’s a great way to communicate with God.

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