Online Theology Degree


Does anyone know of a good online theology or Church-history degree program? Ideally, I would like to get a master’s degree from a Catholic institution.

I have looked into Catholic Distance University, St. Joseph’s in Main, and Franciscan U. of Steubenville.

I am looking for options other than these for cost and semester/trimester options. (but you are welcome to tell me about the 3 universities above if you took their classes!)

Does anyone know of a good program that has at least some of the following characteristics:

  1. inexpensive
  2. versatile in that the student can work at his own pace (within the constraints of the semester anyway)
  3. orthodoxy

Even if you know of a non-Catholic online degree that allows for the student to incorporate his own angle in studies, I would gladly consider that as well.



Maybe this could help?


My friend is finishing up his degree this year and this is what he said about his school.

“Apostles College and Seminary have a good program, which has grown in scope since I began. They are accredited and fairly inexpensive. Here’s the link: Go to distance learning”


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