Online Video: Archbishop Fulton Sheen Narrates 1941 Tridentine Mass

Apparently, this was mentioned in a Catholic Answers podcast???

Fulton Sheen narrating the Latin Mass:

Here’s the description:

Traditional Latin Mass filmed on Easter Sunday in 1941 at Our Lady of Sorrows church in Chicago. The film presents the ceremonies of the Missa Solemnis or Solemn High Mass in full detail with narration by then-Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen. Celebrated by Rev. J. R. Keane of the Order of Servites (hence the white habits and cowls), the ceremonies are accompanied by a full polyphonic choir, orchestra, and fifty Gregorian Chanters.

The attention to detail in the ceremonies is impressive. Notice, for example, how the servers and ministers always take great care to move in order. Notice too that the servers are all almost identical in height. The Ordinary of the Mass, composed by Rev. Edwin V. Hoover, while pleasant in places, is very much a reflection of its time. The Proper on the other hand is timeless and sung admirably by a healthy throng of Seminarians from Mundelein, Illinois.

Unfortunately due to size restrictions at Youtube around 20 mins have been cut from the original, however, I hope to upload a full version somewhere soon. In addition to the cuts I have added new captions and edited the opening credits which had deteriorated in the original. Other than this the film remains largely unchanged. Apologies for the error in the captions for the two parts of the Mass (software). The first part is of couse the Mass of the Catechumens, the second is the Mass of the Faithful.

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Use to download the file. Just add the file extension .flv and download a free media player that can play .flv files, like FLV Player. :slight_smile:

my parents had a beautiful coffee-table book with full color photos of this production of Bishop Sheen’s “walk through the Mass” which has always been one of my favorites. I spent hours with it as a kid and having that up close and personal knowledge of each action and prayer of the Mass has been a great help and inspiration. What is striking is how little the Mass has changed in essentials.

We also enjoy watching Archbishop Sheen on EWTN each Sunday. What a blessing EWTN is to all Catholics. God Bless


Just bringing this bttt. I think this mass video totally reminds us how involved the mass was back then, how beautiful and reverent. Of course in the Low Mass, the laity aren’t that involved apparently, but they should be busy Praying the Mass.

I am a Southern Baptist convert to Novus Ordo, and the three months later, I was a Latin Mass only Catholic. It’s not just the mass though, it’s the faith of the people. My wife’s family had been Catholic their whole lives, and I knew more about the Catholic faith than they did in a matter of months. The True Catholic Faith isn’t being taught anymore as it used to be.

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