Online Video Game -- Mortally Sinful or not?


Last week, I found out that a facsimile version of a game I used to play on the internet about 10 or more years ago was on the internet and anyone could play for it was free. It was a version of a game called Toontown, once on Disney’s website until they closed the original game down. I remember enjoying it a lot as a child so I signed up and played a bit on Saturday before confession, enjoying the nostalgia of it.

But just before confession, I began to wonder if it was a sin to play the game. You see, although the game comes with many harmless little side games and is very cartoonish (naturally), a main objective of the game is to do battle with these rogue robots who represent evil, and to deploy things such as bursts of water or throwing things like pies at them so they’d self-destruct. It isn’t meant at all to be taken seriously, but I wondered if it was dangerous to play. I brought it up to the priest bringing up the robots angle and saying my main reason for playing it was nostalgia. He didn’t think it was a sin, and later in the day I happily played a little more.

Today though, I began to worry it might be a serious sin again. I asked someone clos to ne and they said no as well, so I played a little more. But I still have a bit of nervousness about it.

The thing is its so much fun, there is no profanity or any sexual imagery, its appropriate for anyone from children up, it brings back good memories, and it does make me happy, but is it a sin to keep on playing it from the cartoonish violence angle? Please advise.


There’s nothing wrong with cartoon violence.


As soon as I hear “video game” and “sinful” in the same sentence I know there’s like a 98% chance it’s a scrupulous poster.

Op, get help for your scruples, please. This is ridiculous.


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