Online Year of Paul resources

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Anyone aware of other downloadable Year of Paul resources? Our Archbishop, Mark Coleridge, has a lecture series now available for digital download. He is an awsome biblical storyteller and I highly recomend the lectures for old and young alike. You can get them from here

If anyone knows of similar resources I would be really interested to find out. We would like to create a list of links for our faith communities to access.


I created a list of Pauline resources on my website as an accompaniment to Benedict’s now-completed Catechesis on St. Paul (which consisted of 20 Wednesday General Audiences). Here’s the link:

It includes websites, books and videos. It is far from exhaustive, but I’m trying to keep it updated with as much good stuff as I can come across. :slight_smile: Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

Thanks Joe, much appreciated. If you could list the link for our Archbishop’s DVD series that would be much appreciated.
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