Only 10% get into heaven?

I recently heard and Evangelist speak and he refered to St. Bosco as having a vision that perhaps only 10% get into heaven and he also quoted scripture about the gates of heaven being narrow and few entering…I am okay with this and will try live better. Others who heard the speaker were angry and put off by his statements. Are there any sources on St. Bosco or other Saints quotes on getting into heaven? What about the catechism and getting into heaven? Is there something to refer these people to who feel everyone goes to heaven?

Thanks so much, Allison

Dear A,

If St. John Bosco did say that, it would have been from a private revelation which we are not bound to believe. The Church doessn’t speculate on how many people go to heaven. We don’t know how many people repent with their last breath.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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