Only 31 deaths of children under age 15 involving COVID-19. Common flu-related child deaths from 37 to 187 during regular flu season. Should Governors trust the science and re-open schools? Or, should all schools be shut down permanently?

If you give me control of the media and medical academia for a month, I will have every parent in America easily convinced that children must be locked down forever. If the threat level of COVID-19 to children is the new threshold for shutdown, we are done as a civilization, even if this particular virus becomes extinct tomorrow.

Children barely contribute to community spread of COVID-19. On the other hand, with the flu, children contribute substantially to the spread and pick it up most often from other kids in school.

If we are going to limit or modify or schooling and mandate that kids wear suffocating masks all day, shouldn’t this be done every year from November to April – by a factor of 10? And given that the flu does linger for all months of the year at least at the threat level of COVID-19 to children during the off months, if schools are closed for COVID-19, shouldn’t they always be closed because of the flu?
Deaths involving COVID-19 from February 1 to July 11:
under age 1: 9
ages 1-4: 8
ages 5-14: 14
Only 31 deaths of children under age 15 that were in any way related to COVID-19.

Since 2004-2005, flu-related deaths in children reported to CDC during regular flu seasons have ranged from 37 to 187 deaths or more.
Several countries have conducted studies that have not found child-to-adult transmission: Australia, Canada, China, France, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom.

Since you have the research data, I will ask you about the countries that found little transmission from child to adult. How many of those countries kept their school classes in-person during the height of the pandemic in their country? Also, what research is there about transmission from adult-to-adult in school settings, which include teachers, administrators, and staff?

Would you agree that college settings are different in that the children are above the age of 15 and can transmit the virus more easily? Or do you believe colleges should also re-open for mainly in-person classes?

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There is a vaccine for flu but some . . . anti-vaxxer parents refuse to let their kids be vaccinated. That is why there are deaths of children.
No child needs to get flu. They can be vaccinated.
Covid-19 has no vaccine yet.


Great way to start an argument - by senseless name-calling. It really inspires respect (not!).

Above age 10 we are not so sure about that.

If this is a discussion of Covid-19, the means of spread of other diseases has no bearing on the discussion, other than as a distraction.

Strawman argument. No one said the children have to suffocate, or that they have to wear them all day, such as when they are sitting at their plexiglass-enclosed personal desk space, at a safe distance from other children.

Question raised by amateur epidemiologists that should be put to actual professional epidemiologists.


“Only 31 deaths of children under age 15 involving COVID-19.”

Do you understand that it’s not “only” about children dying? That it’s about children being exposed and then spreading it to those who might die from it?

" Children barely contribute to community spread of COVID-19 ."
With such limited contact tracing as we have available, what’s your proof for this?


When the title uses false logic, what is the point of the thread?

I bet most people here know what kind of fallacies (two of them) are in

Should Governors trust the science and re-open schools? Or, should all schools be shut down permanently?

That’s a lot of nonsense without leaving the title.


I’m not an “antivaxxer” but you seem to think it is impossible to get the flu if you have been vaccinated that year, which is incorrect. some years it is more effective than others.


First off I did not say YOU were an anti-vaxxer. I was making a general comment.
Second it is not impossible to get the flu but numbers of those getting the flu and getting seriously ill or dying would be reduced.

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I have never heard of a child being vaccinated against the flu. Only very old or sick people.

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The idea that children will keep distance from each other is pretty absurd. Have you met a group of seven-year olds?


You not having heard of it does not mean children do not get vaccinated.


“Shut down schools permanently?”

That is a little over the top, don’t you think? The world has lived through epidemics, plagues and all kinds of sickness without ever closing schools permanently.

That is a ridiculous statement.


I did not say you called me one, in fact it would have been near impossible for you to call me one before i joined the conversation. i was just getting that out there before being accused of being one by someone

A general comment that was incorrect.

Which is basically the point i was making.

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In addition to the CDC link here is an extract from it:

CDC recommends that everyone 6 months of age and older get a seasonal flu vaccine each year by the end of October.


My grandkids are vaccinat d against the flu every year.


I understand that it can happen, but it doesn’t seem so common. In my country it isn’t offered. And we have mandatory vaccines against measles, whooping cough, rubella, polio, diphteria, mumps and tetanus.

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Okay. It just seems odd to me since I have never been vaccinated against it nor have anyone I know.

I guess many people think it was wrong to shut down schools because of the COVID pandemic.


I didn’t get vaccinated against the flu until just recently.,the past several years. It was required in order for me to care for my grand babies .Im healthy and no underlying
conditions but I get one regularly now as does my husband.Having said that I’m not going to jump in line for the Covid l vaccine immediately,that’s for sure


My three-year-old son has gotten a flu shot the last two years.

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