Only 33 Sperm Donors for All of Canada

Ugh. I can’t believe this story has been on all the news shows today. Really. There are surely far more pressing issues facing the country! Although I think it’s funny that once they stopped paying, donations dried up.

I thought this article was going to say that Canada was facing inbreeding problems with only 33 dads for all the “AI” kids conceived.But since the American donors mostly come from GA & Northern Fla. Canada might still be inheriting some family trees that don’t branch much.:wink:
(I come from one myself, not artificially bred, though.)

Wow - they must be really really sore.

For some reason I willing to bet they are charging for what they get “donated” for free.

“Today, there is one South Asian donor for all of Canada,” he says, noting that couples are often shocked at the limited choices.

And boy is he tired!! Sorry, couldn’t resist.
I love the “Canadian sperm” illustration too.

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