Only abortion clinic in North Alabama closing Friday


As of Friday, North Alabama’s only abortion clinic in Huntsville will close its doors.

Regardless, Alabama Women’s Center risked a state shut down in a week. This comes after the downtown Huntsville facility wasn’t able to jump another hurdle in the state’s new abortion law.

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Your photograph, I want to hug it <3<3<3<3


:smiley: Yay! Another small win but a step in the right direction!


It isn’t going to stop abortions. It will only make them more dangerous for the women, including the many Catholic women who have them.


May they all close from lack of interest.


Good riddance.

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Ahmen to that. I’m not Baptist and don’t say aymen.


Hope the news didn’t put a crimp in your day. :confused::shrug:


Roll Pro-Life TIDE! Throughout America!






Sadly, I have to agree with that.

In a perfect world there would no abortions and no need for abortions but we don’t live in a perfect world.

If a woman is hell-bent on getting an abortion she is going to get one. If the local abortion clinic closes she may have to travel to another one; possibly out of state. But, isn’t it “better” that a women go a “legitimate” clinic that maintains a certain level of medical professionalism and offers a clean and sterile environment rather than go to some roach-infested unlicensed “back alley” clinic?

Taking the lesser-of-two-evils approach, I’d say “yes”. The child is going to die either way so why endanger the mother as well? Which is better: A dead child and a sick/dead mother or a dead child and a healthy mother?

Don’t get me wrong. I do not advocate abortion in any way, shape, or form. I’m just saying that if an abortion is going to happen then we should at least be compassionate towards the woman having it.


Can you have compassion for someone who is depressed and wants to commit suicide without letting them actually kill themselves?

Can you have compassion towards a heroin addict without buying them drugs?

Can you have compassion towards a pedophile without allowing them to molest a child?

How is making such a gravely evil thing more accessible compassionate?:shrug:




In the example I provided, it is presumed that an abortion (that gravely evil thing) is going to happen one way or another. So the abortion itself becomes moot.

But if a woman who has an abortion subjects herself a “back alley” clinic, which is probably not the healthiest, safest, most sanitary place in the world and may be operated by unlicensed or unqualified medical personnel, she is endangering herself as well.

The baby is going to die either way. Do you want the mother to die too?


I detest the very idea of abortion. I spend a good deal of my ‘free’ time helping women explore other options, or counselling after having made that decision, and it breaks my heart that anyone would choose.

But I still have mixed feelings about this. I am not in favour of endangering the life of adult women, many of whom (no matter how much they might regret it later), are at their last extremity when they make the decision, and are so desperate that they may well choose to undergo an abortion in an even less safe environment. (Of course, what also disgusts me is that it’s another rule for the rich, who can just go somewhere where safe [for the mother] abortions are legal and easily obtainable). I don’t want these kind of places to remain open, but I want to have the lives of mothers placed in jeopardy, even less.

We all (and I suspect many pro-abortion people as well, really) want to live in a world where no child is ever killed in this (or indeed any other) way, and to make that choice as a woman is undeniably a mortal sin of a most awful kind.

I just don’t know that making it harder for women is the right solution, and it’s particularly ridiculous to force centres like this to close through creating arcane (and medically not always necessary) legal obstacles (I can’t claim to understand the minutiae of this in the United States: I live in the UK). We need to recognise that the world is what it is, and whether we like it or not young men and women in many cases WILL experiment with sex. (They always have done…this is not a new, post-1960s phenomenon even if it’s more prevalent now). Therefore surely (while we can celebrate this closure), it would be much more sensible in the long term to campaign for better sex education, both at home and in schools, and this HAS to include information about (and access to, within reason) contraception: while I firmly believe (now) that using unnatural contraception is itself sinful, my view is that it is probably better than not using it and then creating the awful choice of committing an even greater sin, and simply a horrible, destructive act, in choosing an abortion - given that people will (let us be honest) end up having sex anyway. We need better education about alternatives, about adoption, and certainly we need to inculcate greater responsibility in our young men too (this is not just a ‘women’s problem’).

So while I can like many others rejoice in this news, I am also troubled by it, as to me while the intention is utterly, utterly good I am so worried it might be also the wrong approach.

I also really want to snuggle with that picture :smiley:


That is a presumption that may be moot. The lack of an abortion clinic may, in fact, prevent some abortions. However, based on your argument, perhaps we should open more abortion clinics. That way, MORE women can have safe, sanitary abortions.:frowning:

But if a woman who has an abortion subjects herself a “back alley” clinic, which is probably not the healthiest, safest, most sanitary place in the world and may be operated by unlicensed or unqualified medical personnel, she is endangering herself as well.

Yes, and maybe that will dissuade her in the first place. Not all abortions are performed out of desperation. Many, many abortions are acts of convenience.

The baby is going to die either way. Do you want the mother to die too?

I don’t, but if she insists on killing her baby in a way that is dangerous, well, isn’t that a risk that she takes?

Let’s not lose focus on the true victim. The mother is not the victim in an abortion, she is a participant.




Curiously, one of the most effective tactics used against abortion clinics has been requiring them to meet reasonable safety regulations. Then the clinics switch the argument to “if you don’t allow abortions in unsafe clinics, it will force women to go to more unsafe clinics.” They are already 100% unsafe for babies, and not very safe for the mothers they claim to help.

Here in Allen County, Indiana we have had no abortions performed this year because the only clinic was found to have nitrous oxide canisters that expired in 1989, no hospital admitting privileges for complications, and no access ramps that are required for all other businesses. The backup provider for complications quit because of other unsanitary conditions at this clinic.


I’m afraid you’ve bought into the myth of the back alley abortion. Prior to Roe being imposed 92% of illegal abortions were performed by licensed Physicians in a sterile environment. Pre-Roe the number of maternal deaths from abortion averaged under 400 a year. The one thing that did changed drastically after Roe was imposed was within two years abortions quadrupled from approximately 400,000 a year to 1.6 million a year.

It is an interesting and only when we discuss abortion are we told it is useless to make something illegal because people are going to do in any way. For instance I’ve yet to here someone say " we should stop all rape prevention programs because men are going to rape women anyway"


Are you in favor of handing out condoms to all rapists? After all if they are going to rape a woman anyway shouldn’t we make it as safe as possible?


Woah that was a bit out of left field wasn’t it? Rape is an entirely different matter (and my feelings about abortion when the child is the result of rape are more complicated, to say the least). Obviously, the point of the discussion thus far was about abortions in general.

Rape generally (not always but I understand usually) is an act of power and control, and I hardly think handing out condoms to would-be rapists would make any difference anyway.

In other cases: I re-emphasise I wish we lived in a world where this kind of activity never happened except in the proper, loving, marital context - but it doesn’t. That being the case, we have to strive to prevent the greatest evil (killing the unborn), and this includes, perhaps, allowing for the lesser sin of contraception on occasion.

God bless,



I’m not coming from left field of all-I’m pointing out the inherent flaw of the argument that making abortion illegal or closing abortion clinics is counterproductive as women will have them anyway.

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