Only an Extraordinary Minister distributing communion; no priest


I went to a weekday mass yesterday at a church I’d never been to. The priest was rather old, and during communion, he sat while communion was given by a single minister. Has anyone seen this where the priest does not give communion other than receiving it himself and giving to the EMHC?

Priest dont give anyone holy communion?

I have not seen that, but it sounds perfectly fine based on how decrepit the priest sounds.


Yes, I have seen it when my priest was very ill.


I have encountered it a couple times myself. Both when the priest was elderly and didn’t seem in the best of health. Nothing wrong with it. I’m sure it is something the priest’s superior is aware of.


If anything, I admire his tenacity in still celebrating mass…


He is in the right and you are in the wrong for questioning him.


I was just curious if anyone had experienced this, as I hadn’t. I wasn’t “questioning” him or challenging him in any way.


I wasn’t., I assure you.


I don’t think there was anything in your post that came close to disrespect or questioning.


I once heard of a priest like this who sat down and had the people approach him for Holy Communion. There isn’t many excuses in my book.


I felt it was very disrespectful to criticize the priest who is elderly for not standing up for communion


He didn’t criticize him; he asked if anyone had seen this happen before.


What do you mean by “a priest like this”?


Yeah but its still disrespect to bring it up. It would be like saying I think Pope Francis is lazy for XYZ.


A priest who was old an weak, like the one the OP mentioned.


If he was old he possibly wasn’t able to stand there and distribute Holy Communion to those present. I think in that instance it would be allowed.


We have a retired priest that lives in residence at our parish. During weekday masses he always sits during communion while someone else gives out communion as he cannot walk very well. Nothing wrong with it.


No it’s not disrespectful to ask a question.

With all due respect, you have unequivocally come out in another thread encouraging others to profane the Eucharist, and you’re going to accuse someone else of disrespect for asking a question? is this the Twilight Zone?


THANK YOU! can we stop the disrespect to the other priest now?


Im sorry I made a mistake, that doesn’t justify this disrespect

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