Only God Can Fire Pope Benedict After Scandals (Hitchens calls for arrest)

From ABC
[INDENT]As outrage mounted over the latest Catholic Church sex scandal, writer Christopher Hitchens called for the arrest of Pope Benedict XVI, and singer Sinead O’Connor said the pope should face a criminal investigation.
[/INDENT]In response to this ABC article, I am going to paste a response that I wrote this morning in another section…my apologies if you’ve already read it.

The Church was viciously persecuted at the beginning. The Church will be viciously persecuted at the end.

My suggestion to you is that you read St. Pius X’s work, Pascendi Dominici Gregis. That document, written over 102 years ago, explains how we got where we are.

Secondly, you need to offer up prayers and penances in reparation for the perversity that has been allowed to enter the Church.

Along those lines, have you regularly offered prayers for your priest(s), your bishop, and your pope? For them to be strengthened in this time of persecution? Do you have any idea the spiritual attacks that they are all undergoing right now? You think you’re having a hard time now…put yourself in their place for a little bit…

Third, along those same lines, become familiar with both the Rosary **and **the Chaplet of St. Michael. Pray them for the clergy on a daily basis. You say your clergy in your parish and/or diocese are not holy enough to deserve your prayers? Well, pray them twice a day.

Finally, Pius XI encouraged us to make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He composed the following prayer:
[INDENT]O sweetest Jesus, whose overflowing charity towards men is most ungratefully repaid by such great forgetfulness, neglect and contempt, see, prostrate before Thy altars, we strive by special honor to make amends for the wicked coldness of men and the contumely with which Thy most loving Heart is everywhere treated.

At the same time, mindful of the fact that we too have sometimes not been free from unworthiness, and moved therefore with most vehement sorrow, in the first place we implore Thy mercy on us, being prepared by voluntary expiation to make amends for the sins we have ourselves committed, and also for the sins of those who wander far from the way of salvation, whether because, being obstinate in their unbelief, they refuse to follow Thee as their shepherd and leader, or because, spurning the promises of their Baptism, they have cast off the most sweet yoke of Thy law. We now endeavor to expiate all these lamentable crimes together, and it is also our purpose to make amends for each one of them severally: for the want of modesty in life and dress, for impurities, for so many snares set for the minds of the innocent, for the violation of feast days, for the horrid blasphemies against Thee and Thy saints, for the insults offered to Thy Vicar and to the priestly order, for the neglect of the Sacrament of Divine love or its profanation by horrible sacrileges, and lastly for the public sins of nations which resist the rights and the teaching authority of the Church which Thou hast instituted. Would that we could wash away these crimes with our own blood! And now, to make amends for the outrage offered to the Divine honor, we offer to Thee the same satisfaction which Thou didst once offer to Thy Father on the Cross and which Thou dost continually renew on our altars, we offer this conjoined with the expiations of the Virgin Mother and of all the Saints, and of all pious Christians, promising from our heart that so far as in us lies, with the help of Thy grace, we will make amends for our own past sins, and for the sins of others, and for the neglect of Thy boundless love, by firm faith, by a pure way of life, and by a perfect observance of the Gospel law, especially that of charity; we will also strive with all our strength to prevent injuries being offered to Thee, and gather as many as we can to become Thy followers. Receive, we beseech Thee, O most benign Jesus, by the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Reparatress, the voluntary homage of this expiation, and vouchsafe, by that great gift of final perseverance, to keep us most faithful until death in our duty and in Thy service, so that at length we may all come to that fatherland, where Thou with the Father and the Holy Ghost livest and reignest God for ever and ever. Amen.
It seems to me that now is as appropriate a time as any to take Pius XI’s advice.

Frankly, we all need to remember that this is, above all, a spiritual battle. Satan is attacking the Bride of Christ from both the inside and the outside.

Read Rev 12:13 through 13:10.

Christ promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail (Matt 16:19), but He didn’t promise that it would not get ugly. In fact (Matt 24:24), He did say that there would be deceivers come that would deceive (if possible) the very elect!

You have to decide whether you want to look at this through natural eyes or spiritual eyes…

Pray for the Pope and the Church. It is only going to get uglier…much uglier.

There is going to be a going to be a state inquiry into the abuse in Ireland:

I don’t actually agree with that Victim at all, Hitchens or Sinead O’conoor. Although I can understand the anger from the victim, the Pope should not be held accountable unless it is proven that he has been involved in cover ups, which thus far, he hasn’t! It’s irresponsible to say otherwise! I thought people believed in ‘‘innocent until proven guilty?’’

Nope. Sorry. Not if you are the Catholic Church.

That’s actually pretty funny.

Psalm 51 comes to mind for some reason.


All these accusers/"cover uppers"are innocent until proven guilty.

However IF (and yes, that’s a big if) evidence is brought up that suggests a crime has been committed, what should happen than?

What if a lay person was accused of doing these things?

I’m not a Hitchens fan…and I don’t care what a washed up singer has to say about anything.

Here’s my thought on it: we need to pray for him. We need to pray that genuine justice happens, for both his sake and the sake of the alleged victim. If, for nothing else, for him to feel the grace of having true contrition so that he may validly be absolved, if, in fact, he did something.

But more importantly, we need to pray for the Pope, our respective bishops, and our priests.

The Church is under attack. I am not attempting to say that Her ministers have all acted uprightly all the time. This should not be taken as an attempt to excuse those who have fallen short in this specific area. But God placed the people He did in the positions He did for a reason. Please read Ephesians 4:11-16. (particularly v16: From whom the whole body, being compacted and fitly joined together, by what every joint supplies, according to the operation in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body, unto the edifying of itself in charity)

What if a lay person was accused of doing these things?

Again, the appropriate thing to do would be to pray for the accused and for the alleged victim.

But, consider this: how many 20 or 30 year old cases of alleged abuse involving a lay person have come up in court? How does one prove such a thing? It is highly unlikely that there would be any type of physical evidence available. Wouldn’t it be sort of a case of he said / she said? Of course, if it was a situation of something that was reported in a timely fashion but where justice was not done at that time, that would be completely different (for example, if many students decades ago accused a teacher but were all totally blown off by the principal…and then just discovered that each wasn’t the only one)

I’m not saying that there aren’t any examples of old, old cases being successfully prosecuted involving lay people. I just honestly haven’t heard of any such examples.

The only examples in this country that I can think of involved Catholic clergy (and diocesan treasuries)

I’m not a Hitchens fan…and I don’t care what a washed up singer has to say about anything.

I think the majority, other than radicals, would agree with you regarding the “bald one.” She pretty much lost all credibility when she ripped up a photo of Ven. Pope John Paul II on the stage on Saturday Night Live (IIRC). Hitchens, on the other hand, has some credibility in the MSM…and his call may get some traction. That’s why I posted this article.

My brother, you make some brilliant points.

Well said.

Tut-Tut,she’not a singer anymore she’ a Catholic “Priestess”

The one who has shown great mercy … will be shown no mercy. It is as true now as before. Jesus gives the greatest share of the cross to his true friends. No explanation will ever be acceptable to those who are too proud to think with the Church. Those who believe themselves to be less of a sinner than someone else.

This is a powerful time to be a Catholic. Pharisees, secularists and evildoers are everywhere.

My prayers and support are with the Holy Father. Now and forever.


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