Only in Pittsburgh...? (A case of mistaken identity)

On the lighter side for a change…

One of my many solitary nerd hobbies is studying anything that pertains to television stations. Been interested in it since I was a kid. (And in case anyone’s wondering, no, I do not have Asperger’s, if I did, I would have been diagnosed long ago. Trust me. And even if I did have it, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that. For those who do have it, if channeled correctly, it can be much more of a superpower than a “disability”!)

I found this last night when viewing various news opens on KDKA-TV 2 in Pittsburgh, truly one of America’s old, venerable television stations:

I can’t think of another city in the United States where an Eastern Christian church, and its domes, would be used as the backdrop for a station ID.

Any idea what church that might be?


Looks like…

I thought of that too, but it’s not in Moscow. Orthodox and Eastern Catholic domed churches are extremely common in western Pennsylvania.

A bit further south, there are these glorious golden domes on St George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral in Charleston, West Virginia (a city that is far more cosmopolitan than you would think, my son and I had the privilege of spending Easter Sunday there last year, on our way home from our spring break road trip):


The visual effect of them being adjacent to a glass skyscraper is very nice. Sadly, I doubt if they are used as part of the news opens of any of the local television stations.

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I do.

Thank you

I am full of useless trivia!

No idea, but beautiful architecture.


Look at the license plate on the car. It does not look like a USA plate.


That was my thought as well…

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I had a friend/fellow Irish musician with Asperger’s years ago. She was a brilliant harpist. Went on to win the world Irish music competition for accompaniment and, I believe, is now a professional classical harpist. Quite a talented woman.


It is St Basil’s. This is a picture from a similar angle, and you can see the surrounding buildings match.


You’ve persuaded me, and I’m going to alter the subject line accordingly. I slowed down the video and the license plate, upon further reflection, appears to end in “MКГ”. I noticed the square license plate too (did not bother to look at the letters on the plate), but at first assumed it was some funky Pennsylvania thing.

You can surely understand, though, that with Pittsburgh being the largest and most prominent city in the US with a sizable Orthodox/Eastern Catholic population, why I would have thought it was one of their many Eastern churches.

Evidently someone in Moscow had a Pittsburgh connection, obtained one of the “KD Country” bumper stickers, and put it on their van, or else someone decided to get cute and do some creative CGI work.

It is at 2:49

Good for you! I count myself as an Asperger’s/ASD “ally”, and I am very pleased to acknowledge that the world needs all different kinds of minds — especially the ones that work so, so well. Sometimes I suspect there is a kind of “witch hunt” with the aim of putting labels on people with regard to neurodiversity, and possibly even thus stigmatizing them. Sure would be nice to go back to the days when people were allowed to be different from the norm — think of Jefferson, Einstein, Edison, and so many others.

Absolutely true. But that is not Pittsburgh.

Yes, but I didn’t know that when I posted the original message. I tried once again to change the subject line to something more suggestive of the reality — "Moscow on the Monongahela…?" or something like that — but I couldn’t gain access to the change function.

It is not absolutely unheard of, to see American bumper stickers on vehicles in Europe. I once saw a sticker for South of the Border, that deliciously tacky tourist trap of I-95 halfway between New York and Florida, on a car in Poland. (That is actually not a bad place at all to stop — safe, clean, reasonably inexpensive, modestly “retro” motel rooms, as well as several restaurants where you can get a decent meal. And kids love it!)

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