only one correct religion with the truth?

I really don’t think it’s morally right for any one religion to say they are the only true religion and that everyone else is wrong. If any one religion claims to be the only truth, then they must surely be a lie? What do you think?

On the surface, it seems to me one would be a fool if they didn’t think the religious faith they are a part of was true. That doesn’t mean, however, that I have a say regarding others at the second coming of Christ. I believe Lutheranism is a true reflection of the catholic faith, and I believe that whatever flaws or errors other Christian groups have are the purview of grace. And if those others are under God’s grace, who am I to pronounce condemnation.


Well, that’s only a problem if there is, in fact, not one true religion. So, why do you think there can’t be one true religion?

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Is your POV pointed at Christianity or a specific church or denomination? :confused:

Catholic means Universal. Your definitions of “Morally Right” and “only” are what’s wrong.

As i have been LDS from the beginning of my life and just realizing the last several months that my faith is just yet another line of those 30k plus denominations, it is a wonder to me why there must be so many, to me these sects may preach of Christ and perhaps teach sound moral doctrine but in the end i have found that the Roman Catholic Church is the original church that Jesus himself founded. Its principles to me are sound and great in many ways. These other faiths sadly have not motivated me, but now the Catholic Church has. I realize we may all have differing opinions but the RCC is the church for my time as the most correct and to me, Christ centered faith.

As a child, I was forced to believe that the Pentecostal church was the only true religion. When I drove the city bus in Houston, Texas, the Jehovah witness would tell me everyday that Jesus and God are two different people and that everyone else is wrong. When I worked for a pest control company that belong to Mormon, they gave me flyers that said Joseph Smith had the only right and correct church and that all other religions was apart of a apostasy. When I went to war in Iraq, the Muslims believed that the Christians are equal to them but there teachings of Jesus Christ was not correct.
is it right to say you are the only true church and that everyone else is wrong?

If a Pentecostal preacher or Jehovah Witness tells you that, there church is the truth everyone else is wrong. What do we say? I just don’t feel like it’s right for any person to teach in such way.

I believe everyone believes that their church is the true church. I didn’t know the history of the Catholic church until I had a spiritual encounter with Christ and I looked at my church quite objectively. I found so many answers from my analytical mind, let alone my spiritual mind. I realize this is the Church that was founded by Jesus Christ and the Apostles and the more I learned about it, the more it validated my beliefs that I was in the right place.

One thing I knew all along was that every time I took of the Eucharist I was being spiritually nourished by Jesus Himself. I may not have kept my faith so long had I not known that one thing, and that’s something that other churches don’t believe in.

I believe God has set his plan in the Catholic church. It holds the truth, though other religions have pieces of the truth, the Church holds the fullness of the truth and I would look to it for answers. It has 2,000 years of history to figure the answers out and I trust in it because Jesus trusted in it.

Because it ~isn’t~ right for anyone to teach that way. You Learn by Example. People keep thinking that you have to ~teach~ people the Truth, when the ~only~ way you can, is by your own good example. I could care less what “religion” you are. What “religion” do you think “God Is”?

I scare those Jehovah’s away somethin fierce and quick :wink:

Technically all religions (CAREFUL!) has some truth, but only ONE religion has ALL
Truth. God is One, just check that video, THEREFORE the Truth must be ONE.

Christianity says that Jesus is God.
Islam says that Jesus is NOT God.
Only one is right.

The Original Christian Bible has 73 books.
Many later Christian bibles have 66 books.
Only one is complete.

Mormons say God is a man who BECAME a god.
Christianity says that God is the Eternal Divine Creator.
Makes sense that only one of these is accurate, right?

One King, One God, One Law.

Here we go again with the word “only”…

Jesus, alone, by his own self, is not God the Father, Nor is he the Holy Spirit… He is One of 3, Whole, and Complete within their own selves. They don’t need us, they only want to Share Their life, with Us.

Great, not sure how that relates to my point, but I have no disagreements there.

God, even still, loves Judas. What else doesn’t relate?

At Matthew 7:13, 14 Jesus said there would be a wide road leading to “destruction” with many on it, but a narrow one leading to “life” with few on it.

What do you think that means? :wink:

Also at Ephesians 4:5,6 says: There is one, Lord, one faith, one baptisim and one God.


I don’t think it was Judas’ intention to sub-divide the Triune God.


You pointed out . . .

Originally Posted by Judas Thaddeus
Christianity says that Jesus is God.
Islam says that Jesus is NOT God.
Only one is right.

Then you say . . .

Then . . .

Confused about the connection.
Now . . .


is it right to say you are the only true church and that everyone else is wrong?

If that’s the truth, then yes it’s right :wink:
As I said before, I think the real question is, can there be one faith which is the true Church?
If the answer is “yes”, then, what is wrong with believing one has found that correct faith?
If the answer is “no,” then, I would ask, why not? Why do you believe there is not or cannot be one true faith?

Well, I would say this problem isn’t exclusive to the topic of religion. Look at politics, or even scientific theories. There are a diversity of opinions, not all of which can be true, and each person who believes one of these theories must necessarily claim his is correct and the others are not. That doesn’t mean that none of those opinions are correct, nor that there can’t be a correct opinion.

Now, as Judas Thaddeus said, this doesn’t imply that the wrong opinions don’t have some truth in them. But, there can be only one that has the fulness of the truth.

All religions have some elements of truth in them. Some of the truth. The Catholic Church has the full deposit of the Christian faith. It was founded by Jesus Christ, who IS Truth, (as well as the Way, and the Life).

This is different than saying other religions are a lie. They are incomplete. God Himself became flesh and dwelt among us. There is not much more that can be derived or revealed by God than to live life on earth with us. He left a Church, Bishops, and the deposit of the Christian faith. The fulfillment of the Jewish faith. The obsolescence of all other pre-incarnation faiths. Since He established His Church, and promised that it will last until the consummation of time and the establishment of the new Heaven and the new earth, there is also no reason to look to any religions founded post-incarnation.

It is not a prideful thing. It is not the Church trying to cheapen anyone else and their beliefs. It is certainly not a “lie”. It is what it is. The Church would be lying, and doing no one any favors, or any good by saying that all religions are of equal merit. That would be calling God, (the creator of something rather than nothing, and whose love of us maintains our very existence), a liar.

The Church, and it’s members must do what the Church and it’s members must do. All those outside of the Church are heartily welcomed inside. There is nothing being hidden. The documents of the accounts of Christ are alive and well. All the documents of the Church fathers, the Doctors, Saints, Bishops and Popes are all readily available. There is no intent to hold anyone back whatsoever from experiencing the full truth of the Christian faith, or the sacramental life which Christ set in motion for us.

The Catholic Church is the only church, (that I’m aware of), that even claims to be only true Church. We have what we believe to be all of the evidence to back that up. Once again, not intending to hurt anyone’s feelings, but rather to be the city set on a hill. To be a lighted lampstand which is not hidden under a bushel. We say, with authority, the same thing our blessed Lord and founder said. “Come and see”.

Not morally right? What is your moral take if the Church founded by Christ were to mislead, and say something different, knowing what she knows, and possessing what she possesses? What if she DID try to keep it to herself? What if she DIDN’T make herself available to all? What if she DID say…“oh no, go ahead…be anything you like. None of it makes a speck of difference in the end”. Wouldn’t that be morally reprehensible? Depriving people of The Way, the Truth, and the Life? Depriving people of the Holy Eucharist? Diverting people to pre and post incarnational faiths where Jesus doesn’t make Himself available to man in the Holy Sacraments, in body, blood, soul and divinity?

That would seem to be the bleakest of works for the Church. To hide the light.

The Lord’s peace be with you,


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