only right wing or republician views

As a devoted Catholic of 60 I am some what bothered that our faith is being used by Catholic media to push views of the right wing only, why certainly we are against abortion,for morality,and support the holiness of the Family all are fine and also right wing issues how ever other issues are closer to left wing views such as feed the hungry Jesus did not say we should only feed those who can afford it.To cloth the Naked to give shelter,to help those who are really sick and need it.he cured the leaper healed the lame raised the dead and never said a word about judging their personal conduct.I feel that to do good for others of course we must never take away their ownership for them selfs,but still their those who are in real need of help anyway to do good must be from God to do nothing must be evil because the absence of good must be evil for what else is their.If a baby dies from lack of correct medicial attention is it no as dead as the aborted child both are wrong if a older person dies for lack of resourse to bye correct perscriptions are they to in a sence aborted by being denied the rest of their life.My issue is that both sides are wright on somethings and wrong on others I see the issues of life and treatment as one as taught by Jesus .who keep numbers on those who suffer or die because of or societys neglect of these other issues who. God bless All

Im not sure of your direction, but if I may comment…

All “Catholic” press is not necessarily conservative or “republican”, and not “progressive (I think that’s the new word)”, or “democratic”. It just may be that you are reading only a few of the Catholic publications, or that you may be reading into articles some point of view.

Yes, I can find strands of each type of thought among various columnists. But if you are looking for articles which are collected daily for their Catholic interest, as opposed to conservative, progressive or independent viewpoints, please click on “Headline Bistro” daily, which is gathered by the Knights of Columbus. The few opinion pieces which they include contain true Catholic teaching…the kind you can believe in and find in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Here is a link to Headline Bistro:

Peace be with you.

I understand your reasoning, but I fail to see why the right is considered to be unconcerned for the poor, etc and only concerned about how they can get ahead in the world? There is no truth to this. The liberal left believe that Government should take care of us all (like in Jesus’ s time, how’d the Romans treat the poor?) Instead, Jesus did it Himself. That is actually more of a position of the right. The conservative position is that instead of government doing it all, charity comes from the will of the individual and actions of the private sector or churches. It is because of our love for others that we volunteer our time, talents, and money to help the poor.

It is a fundamental misunderstanding:

The left - Government responsibility to take care of the needy (That way they don’t need to do it themselves? Just a thought)

The right - Charity comes from the heart, not a government check.

The problem comes from the attitude that we can fulfill our obligation to care for the poor merely by voting somebody who promises to do it for us

Jesus didn’t seem to concern himself much with governmental systems or government social programs.

When he came to a town, many people would camp out to hear him; the sick would seek healing. Jesus might have devoted his entire ministry to healing the sick. Certainly there were many to be healed. But he did not do this. He might have devoted his entire ministry to multiplying loaves to feed the hungry, yet he did not do that either.

He didn’t even instruct his disciples to petition the government to care for the poor.

He did instruct his followers to care for the poor, to take care of the disadvantaged. Yet this was not their only or even their primary mission. He told them to make disciples of all nations, to baptize them in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit.

Our socialist leaning governement makes it too easy for people to do nothing but stick their hand out.

Charity should be voluntary not mandatory. If I see someone who doesn’t want to work with their hand out, I shouldn’t have to give them money. On the other hand, if I see someone truly in need, I am more than willing to help.

Our government is broke. They have been given a blank check book for too long.

Bingo! I simply cringe every time I hear that conservatives do not care about people in need. As a matter of fact, they probably care as much as the liberals and actually DO more, since they do not rely on sitting back and letting Washington do something. There are dedicated people to charity on both sides, but the misconception is that is only the left.

Study after study shows that conservatives give far more time and money to charity than do liberals. . Again the attitude that one can show compassion for the poor merely by voting for somebody who promises to take somebody else’s money to take care of the poor is specious. as

As a conservative Catholic I take great offense at your implication that I am against feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and providing health care for those who can not afford it and what ever else nonsense you are spouting out in this post.

Feeding the poor is not a left wing or right wing.

Where are the studies that show conservatives give more than liberals? I take great offense to that. I’m a proud liberal and donate alot of my time and money to helping both humans and animals in need.

Thank you!

Why do we like to people against each other?

One should give what they can, its not a game of who can give more.

Well… I mean, society already makes efforts to feed the hungry and shelter the poor and so on. That’s why we have this vast welfare state thing going on, and vast networks of charity.

By contrast the state not only permits the ritual sacrifice of over a million babies a year (in the name of “sexual freedom”) but actually fetishizes this as a symbol of our “freedom.”

So it’s reasonable for the latter to be perceived as a more pressing issue than the former. And, I think, it’s pretty nasty to deride those who see that as being the case as merely playing politics and not acting out of a legitimate concern and grief over our ongoing abortion holocaust.

AGREED! Wow, did we find some common ground?! Lol

Many of you have replied with the sting of a politcial idealog,never did I say that the only means by which we can adress the poor or sick is through govt programs but stop take a deep breath and look in all other western countries the population is served well by a single payer program most of western europe Canada Austraila Japan all cover 100% of their citizens and gess what they do it cheaper per person than we do as well as most have a higher life expectency than my fellow Americans look it up from several sources and you should see so to me that is the best measurement of how sucsessful their programs are.My point is that abortion which is a serious mortal sin is not the only wrong that their is ask any doctor ask any hospitial administrtor people in this country die because they can not afford the price of medicine.So then to those of you who give God bless but not enuff is being given so then what do you sugest to solve these problems.please read AMA and New England journal of modern medicine several articals in last few years should be in local liberies.God bless

I said nothing about “programs”, I took offense at your implying that conservatives are against feeding the poor or for health care for the needy and other such nonsense.

We may disagree in how to implement these things but you are wrong that just because I may disagree with how you think it should be handled that I am against doing anything.

It is that sort of demonization that I am against and think is highly immoral.

OK - let’s look at the things the Democrat party stands for:

pro abortion on demand
pro socialism
pro big government
pro homosexual marriage
pro union
pro illegal immigration
pro euthanasia

anti religion
anti school vouchers
anti corporations
anti capitalism
anti oil drilling

Now I understand that there are some of you Catholic Democrats out there that will take offense to this, and I understand that not all of you agree with the party line in some areas, so please try not to take offense if you fall into that category. But for me, the democrat party is on the opposite side of almost every issue that’s important to me.

As a staunch Democrat, I don’t take offense to this, but I do think it’s terribly one-sided and very close-minded. Not every Democrat is every single one of these, just as I’m sure not every single Republican,

-hates the environment
-wants to take away the freedom/choices of mothers
-is pro-rich
-hates immigrants
-wants to see welfare recipients and (others who need a handout) go away
-wants to take away the religious freedoms in our country
-carries a gun
-doesn’t care if grandma or grandpa dies because they can’t afford their perscriptions
-is ready to give anyone the death penalty that even looks at them crooked
-is ok with killing our natural earth for oil for their 9mpg SUV
-is fine with letting big corporations kill mom and pop shops as long at they donate to their canditates campaign

Now wouldn’t you agree there are exaggerations on both sides of the spectrum?

Yes they are exaggerations on both sides but you cannot deny that the Democrat party supports unrestricted taxpayer funded abortion on demand and because of that makes it very difficult for Catholic to find a Democrat candidate they can vote for

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