Only Way to Defeat ISIS Is With Help From Non-Radical Muslims in Middle East, Says Head of Aid to the Church in Need

A Christian author who heads an organization dedicated to helping the persecuted Church around the world believes that the only way for the Islamic State terror group to be defeated is if non-radical Muslims in the Middle East cooperated with western forces in combat.

Author George J. Marlin is the chair of the Aid to the Church in Need and has released his latest book, Christian Persecutions in the Middle East, where he discusses in great detail the rich Christian history in the region, the rise of Islam, the persecution of believers, as well as solutions to the problems that plague Christians and non-radical Muslims brought on by groups such as IS, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as a whole.

Marlin also details the history of Islam in the Middle East and Gulf States and Africa, such as Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and South Sudan, and how its infiltration of government has reduced Christians to being second class citizens in most of these countries.


Actually, try giving Isis members the Gospel.

That’s not going to happen. Western governments have done ethnic cleansing in the Middle East for years now, so aligning oneself with them is, for a Muslim, out of the question. You don’t get my allegiance by using drone strikes on innocents.

It’s a battle of two evils, quite honestly.

They haven’t done ethnic cleansing, although it can be argued that Islam has done so .

You know neither history, nor theology.

I have studied both.

Thanks for posting. There are so many opinions on this, and most are driven by ideology and selfish interests, with only a superficial understanding of a complex geography and history. So, it’s good to see the opinions of someone who is both well informed, and also objective.

BTW, Aid to the Church in Need is a very credible Catholic organisation, sanctioned by the Church, and dating back 60 yeas, or so. I have been a supporter for 10 years, and trust their information and opinions. Please support Aid to The Church in Need!

You make the point of the article so well. The Christians in the middle east have been there for 2000 years, and, while historically second class citizens, have mostly lived in peace with their Muslim neighbours. Now they are being persecuted savagely by radical Islam, and the point of the article is that the moderates are not coming their aid, and only if they do will they (the Christians) survive.

So, you will leave the Christians of the middle east to their fate at the hands of ISIS, because of what western governments have done (while, as noted by Starwarsfan, distorting the historical record)…

You couldn’t have been more clear.

Agreed, on both.

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