Ontario RC Schools can't Teach Abortion is Wrong

The link to the story is here.

“In what pro-life leaders are calling a stunning and unprecedented attack on religious freedom, Ontario’s Education Minister has apparently declared that Catholic schools can no longer teach that abortion is wrong.”

Well if I was a teacher there, I would violate that law.

Well, this hardly makes sense.

Unbelievable. Will there be an outrage in Canada for this? They are so messed up up there. Coming soon to the US.

Just shut 'em down already… Canada I mean :eek:

Poor Canada :frowning:

I guarantee you that woman wouldn’t say the same thing about all the Muslims in Canada. I mean can you can’t any more misogynistic? She would never say that about covering a woman’s entire body in a sheet for the rest of her natural life. If she did she wouldn’t be walking around right now.

Instead, pick on the Catholics, we’ll law abidingly accept all assaults on our faith.

This is my own province. What have you done government!!??? :(:mad:

This is disugsting. Socialism is rampant, so is the dictatorship of “tolerance”

Canada would be such a good country, it is, however Our LORD is missing from our core.

Please pray for us!!

The law says that Catholic schools can no longer say that abortion is wrong.

BUT THEN AGAIN: Wrong according to what? There is a differnece between the “Law” and peoples “Conscience”. Just because 70 % of people around me are promiscous, doesnt mean that I have to be like them> Even though that would make me wrong in their eyes.

Anyway that explains my point. Those schools can still say “The law tells us that that abortion is not wrong, BUT it is our way not to do abortions”. The law is not going to kill anyone for making personal choices, as long as those choices to not DIRECTLY oppose the law. Etc, etc, etc.

Well you get the point…


they are forcing them to allow gay clubs on campus too!

If you can’t tell a kid that killing a baby is wrong in a direct clear way than there is no freedom and there are no rights. It doesn’t matter how you try to skirt around the issue. Pack it up. They won. Seriously, pack up the Catholic schools. Shut them down. I don’t even live in Canada and I’m seriously infiriated. This woman needs to have her personal residence picketed night and day.

Perhaps good Catholics in Ontario can apply for assylem in America to flee Religious Persecution!

Actually we are not messed up. Of course there will be an outrage. And no we will stay here.

Actually I was thinking , wow, we are becoming like the States now.

I don’t want to start an argument or anything, but you could always expalin to a kid, that "Mr A does that, and Mr B does this: But since we are B’s, we do B’s because we are B’s, even though A’s have the right to oppose us, and as long as we do not DIRECTLY oppose their right of opposing us, we will be fine.

Until the U.S. Department of Education gets the same idea.

There is a reason why the Canadian Government can do this. The Catholic run schools are not supported by tuition and Church contributions as in the US. They recieve Canadian Government funding; and, like everything else in the Universe, he who pays the freight calls the shots.
If the Church won’t follow the dictates of their government, then their schools will either have to cease taking Government financing and charge tuition, or close.
I am sure that this is all part of a desire on the part of the Canadian Government to bring all of their schools under secular control.

Hi Bill:

As it happens, I am a teacher there, and yes, I do violate the law, I suppose. So far I appear to have gotten away with it. I believe, speak and teach that abortion is wrong; I have also advocated for pro-life causes in the Schools, for which I have received quite a bit of criticism, but I don’t care. The Ontario Liberals are attempting to insert their grubby little fingers even further into the Catholic School System here in Ontario, but I view them pretty much as I viewed the Politburo in the declining years of the Soviet Empire…they could threaten and harass you, but in the end, they could never pass laws or restrictions that would work, because creative and clever people always found ways to subvert them. One of the great benefits of working in huge bureaucracies such as the schools (or government) is that, literally, they have become so complex and impossible to manage that the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing; and we can always take advantage of bureaucratic “inertia” and “ignorance” to basically carry on as we always have, regardless of what governments order. After all, they’ll be gone in a few years (they are subject to the whims of the voters)…but we’ll still be here.


“Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them” —Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

That’s fine. No argument intended, we’re on the same side here anyway. I’m just saying that basically just relativism. They really have dealt a blow here. Big time.

If opposing abortion is misogynistic, what is killing girl babies in the womb?

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